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The age of blockbusters is over; the solution lies in the 4 Ps: personalised, participatory, preventive and predictive. With Zühlke as your partner, you can boldly drive this development forward – with digital, data-driven solutions that add value for you and your patients.

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  • Apps and devices for personalised medicine

    In the healthcare market of tomorrow, the key to success will be applying pharmaceutical and health tech expertise to unmet patient need. The future will belong to innovative solutions spanning the entire patient journey and – crucially – which deal with patient data responsibly.

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  • Digital solutions that patients trust

    Machine learning algorithms represent an exciting approach for realising new products and services or for process optimisation. Realising the potential offered by machine learning requires platforms that enable secure, legal, privacy-preserving use of anonymised health data.

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  • DTx: Software as therapeutics

    With no side effects and high scalability, digital therapeutics (DTx) boast enormous potential – including for pharmaceutical companies. That’s because software that is used as a therapeutic product is able to target new customer groups and enable completely new business and payment models.

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  • Smart sensors enable innovative therapies

    Whether it’s clinical trials or pay for performance, as digitalisation of the healthcare system progresses, continuous monitoring of therapeutic progress and outcomes is set to become increasingly important. That necessitates smart, reliable sensors able to measure and transmit biomarker information.

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  • Boosting the efficiency of clinical trials

    For pharmaceutical companies, clinical trials represent a significant cost. GxP-compliant data platforms can help companies design safe, reliable trials in the shortest possible time, and help them find the right participants.

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Big tech has inserted itself into every aspect of our lives and is collecting user data on an unprecedented scale. This throws up some major challenges for pharmaceutical companies. Patients, health insurers and society in general expect ever more – from more personalised medicine to complementary digital health services, to outcome-based payment models (pay for performance). 

Zühlke offers both extensive expertise in the development of large B2C consumer platforms and more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare sector. We’re developing apps and devices for the next phase of personalised healthcare, and helping pharmaceutical companies position themselves to play a lead role in tomorrow’s digitalised healthcare system. 

Pharmaceutical company Chugai Pharmaceuticals wanted to launch new digital services in Europe. Zühlke developed a range of strategy options:

Machine learning algorithms enable the development of exciting new products and services and well as improving therapy selection and process acceleration through the use of genetic or real-world data. In addition to our expertise in machine-learning algorithms, Zühlke also develops platforms to enable secure, legal use of anonymised health data – an important basis for research and development as well as a positive digital experience for patients. 

That requires trust between patients, researchers and the companies providing these solutions – which Zühlke achieves by giving patients complete control over their health data. To realise this, we bring together user-centric healthcare apps for patients, data security expertise, advanced machine-learning techniques like federated learning, and insights from the behavioural sciences.

AO Foundation and Zühlke employed cutting edge privacy-preserving AI techniques to develop automated image segmentation solutions for spinal CT scan images:

Drugs sometimes have serious side effects that can be highly onerous for patients. Digital therapeutics (DTx) offer huge potential for addressing this problem, for example in areas such as mental health.

Zühlke can help you realise your digital healthcare ideas – from feasibility studies through to operation of your solution. The result is software as a medical device (SaMD) products capable of supplementing or even replacing existing therapies and diagnostic procedures. Enabling pharmaceutical companies to target new customer groups and develop completely new business and payment models (in Germany, for example, through digital health and digital care apps). 

And, in contrast to conventional drugs, bringing digital therapeutics to market is quick, simple and easily rolled out globally. We help you grasp this opportunity with secure, patient-centric apps that comply with exacting medical standards like IEC 62366-1.

Zühlke can help you realise your digital healthcare ideas. From feasibility studies through to operation of your solution, as with our exemplary work on the UK National Health Service COVID-19 app:

In today’s healthcare, proving the efficacy of a new drug through clinical trials is no longer sufficient – you need to prove beyond doubt that it’s superior to existing treatments. As with outcome-based payment models (pay for performance), pharmaceutical companies are increasingly required to measure the benefits of a therapy in real time.

We can help you achieve this by, for example, developing smart sensors for measuring digital biomarkers. Our solutions are always based on established processes and subject to constant controls during development. We also help you exploit your harvested data – whether by developing and operating a full scale digital data platform, by using machine learning to extract valuable information from your captured data or by using user-friendly apps to add patient reported outcomes (PRO) to your data pool.

Delivering improved products and enabling new services increasingly means building connectivity into medical devices. Zühlke delivered an end-to-end concept for a new connectivity system:

With overcomplicated registration processes and high drop-out rates, clinical trials are often inefficient and time-consuming. So much so that clinical trials can consume up to 50 percent of a pharmaceutical company’s R&D budget. By helping pharmaceutical companies identify suitable participants and making it easier for participants to take part in trials, digital technologies have the power to solve this problem. Zühlke’s GxP-compliant data platforms enable safe, reliable trials to be designed in the shortest possible time.

Using our AI expertise, we can help you extract key information from your harvested data. And we enhance the participant experience by offering attractive apps and user-friendly participant portals – bringing you closer to your patients, but also closer to doctors and other healthcare professionals. And we make sure our solutions meet the highest security standards, boosting trust in your company.

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