Accelerate your sustainability transformation with a value-driven partner

Sustainability is an unmissable opportunity to do business better. But where do you start? And how do you accelerate time to value in your sustainability transformation?

Deliver early and ongoing value in your sustainability transformation

Creating a sustainable future is not just about reducing emissions, cutting costs, or meeting ESG regulations. It's an opportunity to deliver positive change that can benefit everyone: your customers, business, and partners; your stakeholders, communities, and the world around us.

That’s why our approach to sustainability is value-led and outcomes-driven. From sustainable product design and sustainability consulting, to lifecycle assessments and data-empowered ESG strategy, we help diverse organisations to accelerate their sustainability transformation, with a focus on creating tangible customer and commercial value, for example:


Data-driven sustainability

Uncover the best opportunities to deliver maximum impact against your sustainability and business goals.

Responsible AI

Ensure you're developing and implementing AI in a human-centred, principled, and sustainable way.

Design for sustainability

Optimise products for the circular economy, reducing your energy consumption and reliance on finite natural materials.

Our multidisciplinary teams of sustainability, data, business, and engineering experts have rich, cross-industry experience and a proven track record in creating and optimising sustainable innovations for the future. 

Together with a diverse ecosystem of partners, let's pave the way for a sustainable future.

Gain holistic support across your sustainability transformation

Grow your reputation, revenue streams, and competitive advantage, with our end-to-end support.

  • Impact assessments

    Gain a precise picture of the environmental impact of your products and operations with our lifecycle or impact assessments. Pinpoint the areas where your organisation’s sustainability transformation can deliver maximum impact.

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  • Sustainable product design

    Cut production costs, improve efficiencies, and unlock new revenue streams by realising sustainable products and solutions for growing markets.

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  • Sustainable business models

    Ensure long-term competitive advantage and reap the power of digital services with a circular business model.

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  • ESG strategy and reporting consulting

    Develop the framework, infrastructure, and tooling landscape you need to implement your ESG strategy and comply with reporting standards such as CSRD and ESRS.

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  • Data-driven sustainability

    Put data at the core of your sustainability transformation. Drive ongoing business value with data-driven decision making and sustainability data you can monetise.

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  • Green IT & sustainable software

    ​Reduce resource consumption and emissions, cut costs, and improve your operational efficiencies with a clear roadmap to green IT and sustainable software.

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Impact assessments

Want to shape a more sustainable future for your organisation and the world around us? ​ 

Our impact assessments help you understand the economic, environmental, and social impact of your projects, products, portfolios, and processes.​ 

  • Gain the insights you need to understand and elevate the sustainability potential of your organisation and value chain.​ 
  • Identify improvement opportunities with the highest potential to deliver impact against your sustainability goals. 
  • Kickstart your sustainability journey with a data-driven assessment that improves sustainability awareness and advocacy within your organisation. 
  • Assess the complete lifecycle of your digital or physical products and solutions with a lifecycle assessment.

Sustainable product design

Keeping your products, materials, and resources in circulation as long as possible unlocks big economic benefits and minimises your costs, waste, and emissions. What’s more, sustainable product design enables the regeneration of finite natural resources. 

  • Create the next generation products with a reduced ecological footprint, higher efficiency ready to tackle new market segments​. 
  • Improve the lifecycle to reduce impact and improve circularity to keep products alive. Changes are made ​in alignment with business cases and production costs. 
  • Realise sustainable products to reduce the ecological impact and reduce costs. Products can be used in a circular way according to a sustainable business model.​ 

Sustainable business models

Harness data, modern technologies, and ecosystem partnerships to innovate sustainable business models that deliver positive impact. For your business, people, and planet. 

  • Develop and scale sustainable business models that better serve customer needs and unlock new value streams for your organisation. 
  • Innovate digital and circular business models that enable you to reach new audiences, drive profitable growth, and reduce costs and emissions by keeping resources and products in use for longer. 
  • Ensure sustainable competitive advantage with a validated model tested in market and with your customers.

ESG strategy and reporting consulting

Many organisations lack information on the ecological footprint of their business processes. Even where that information is available, it’s usually static. This means you’re unable to continuously monitor the effects of your CO2 reduction initiatives.​ 

  • Turn static ESG data into real-time actionable business insights that help you deliver on your sustainability goals. 
  • Digitise your ESG reporting with the right software and data pipelines to uncover opportunities, tackle your most relevant emissions drivers and measure changes and impacts systematically. 
  • Benefit from an efficient emission reporting process and steer your business in a sustainable way. Clearly connect CO2 reduction possibilities to your business processes to enable consistent decision making.​

Data-driven sustainability

Realise a systematic approach for creating business value from sustainability data. Accelerate time to value with a data-driven sustainability transformation and sustainability consulting approach. Harness the power of data to improve knowledge sharing. And uncover new sustainability use cases and business opportunities. 

  • Develop a portfolio of qualified sustainability use cases, informed by data, analytics, and AI.  
  • Prioritise and realise your use cases while we build up the company-wide foundations for innovation through sustainability data.​ 
  • Benefit from a systematic approach to innovation with data and ongoing value creation. 
  • Upskill your people, streamline your processes, and realise new market opportunities.​

Green IT & sustainable software

Energy efficiency is the biggest lever you can pull when transitioning to a sustainable IT landscape with tangible business benefits. But where should you start, and which metrics should you use to ensure impact?​ 

  • Analyse your existing environment to identify the biggest levels you can pull to improve energy efficiency and optimise costs. 
  • Create and implement a roadmap of prioritised initiatives to transition your IT and software to lower energy alternatives that reduce costs and resource consumption. 
  • This provides a blueprint for action to turn the identified initiatives into action and successively guide your company in the direction of energy efficient and green IT​. 
  • Boost efficiencies with sustainable software engineering approaches such as low-code development

Invest in your future with a mission-driven partner

Sustainability is a shared responsibility and opportunity. That's why improving the sustainability of our own operations is a key focus at Zühlke. As well as helping organisations deliver ongoing value trough sustainability consulting and engineering, we measure and report on our own commitments and progress. Those commitments include working towards decarbonisation targets approved by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).

Dominik Niederberger, Research & Development Director, Sensirion Connected Solutions AG
' Zühlke's software and cloud expertise was instrumental in helping us realise our vision of a more sustainable future. '
Dominik Niederberger
Research & Development Director, Sensirion Connected Solutions AG

Sustainability is an opportunity to do business better

Accelerate time to value with a data-driven sustainability transformation. Our holistic sustainability consulting and services are outcomes-driven, value-led, and data-empowered:

Sustainable innovation

Create positive change in the synergies between economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Sustainable device & systems engineering

Create sustainable products that meet circular economy needs and facilitate sustainable business models.

Sustainable digital solutions & application​s

Drive business impact with sustainable software solutions that optimise energy use and reduce resource consumption.

Data & AI solutions for sustainability

Harness the power of data and AI to accelerate your sustainability transformation, helping you prioritise the right initiatives and measure value delivery.

Products and solutions for sustainability

Develop the mindset and capabilities your organisation needs to enter new markets and innovate radically new business models and solutions that positively impact people, planet, and business.

Explore the world of sustainable innovation

Dive into our immersive digital experience to explore how organisations can deliver triple-bottom-line impact for people, planet, and business...

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