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Banks are grappling with big existential questions. How do I compete with new challengers? How do I capitalise on the potential of new technologies? Why is revenue shifting outside the sector? What’s my role in tomorrow’s finance ecosystem?

To navigate this environment, stay competitive, and maximise value, banks must break old silos and mindsets. And fundamentally change the way they collaborate, compete, innovate, and create value.

With our strategic approach, multidisciplinary expertise, and rich experience in financial services, we’re uniquely positioned to accelerate your banking transformation, with a focus on rapid time to value and ongoing impact.

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A guide to the modern financial services ecosystem

The financial services ecosystem is becoming data empowered and hyper connected. Discover how technology and dynamic partnering capabilities can set you up to succeed.

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' The Zühlke team helped us bring our wealth management services to the UK mobile banking experience, adding value for our customers. What’s more, they helped us become more agile and customer-centric, allowing us to move smarter and faster. '
Jason Sweeney
Senior Digital Product Manager, HSBC UK

Let's tackle your banking challenges together

  • Harness the value of data

    Capturing value from data enables you to futureproof your business model and secure your place in tomorrow’s financial ecosystems. The right data foundation, culture, and capabilities enable you to transform your value proposition and improve profitability, efficiencies, and compliance. As a data-driven bank, you’re able to scale products and services quickly, delighting customers with seamless experiences that proactively address their needs.

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  • Master the cloud

    Unlock the vast potential of cloud computing for driving innovation and helping you capitalise on new business opportunities and tech advancements. We create cloud strategies and secure, scalable, and interoperable cloud systems for financial services organisations, enabling you to accelerate time to market, gain agility, and transform your operational resilience.

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  • Deliver mobile-first experiences

    Banks are competing with agile disruptors in the race to serve changing customer needs and expectations. This impacts how you design, implement, and orchestrate mobile experiences. Customer-centric design, hyper-personalisation, robust security, and smart data application are key to shaping mobile-first experiences that enrich your customer relationships.

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  • Redefine relationship management

    Personalised, face-to-face experiences nurture loyalty and customer satisfaction. The right digital advisory solution enables your relationship managers to become trusted partners to clients. Smart data insights ensure the best possible customer advice and save valuable time, freeing up relationship managers to focus on more complex client conversations and opportunities. All while ensuring compliance and transparency.

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  • Unlock the potential of blockchain

    Blockchain technology is going mainstream. Customers, brands, and investors are exploring practical use cases such as decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT), especially in connection with the metaverse.

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Harness the value of data

Data is a highly valuable resource that’s difficult to mine and extract, let alone commercialise.

With Zühlke as your partner, you can identify the key levers that drive value on enterprise-level. Gain a better understanding of your data landscape and data flows, identify ideas that lead to value quickly, and derisk and accelerate your strategic roadmap.

We provide you with the capability, capacity, and talent to overcome data paralysis, deliver early and ongoing impact, and innovate beyond borders to create new value at scale.

Explore how we helped first direct introduce AI-powered autonomous banking to anticipate and respond to customer needs in real time:

Master the cloud

Cloud is a key enabling force in your digitalisation programme. But harnessing its full potential and making the most of your investments can be a daunting task.

We’re here to ensure your cloud transformation delivers early and ongoing impact against your business goals. Our teams provide support with migration and modernisation applications, scaling digital banking operations, and developing and implementing a strategy with strong guardrails to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Zühlke’s pragmatic and proven approach provides everything you need to achieve cutting-edge cloud native capabilities for financial services.

Learn how we built a cloud-based virtual bank for Hong Kong in just 18 months:

Deliver mobile-first experiences

Banks and fintechs choose us for our industry expertise, user-centric design, and best-in-class engineering capabilities. Benefit from our proven approach to mobile and digital product innovation, from vision to code.

Avoid lock-in effects of typical off-the-shelf products, while having the freedom to customise your product. With our ‘impact first’ mindset, we work together with you to build a robust, user-centric, and scalable digital and mobile banking product.

Discover how we empowered HSBC’s 14 million UK mobile customers to understand the basics of investing and get started with just £50:

Reshape relationship management

Customers seek personal advice and look for trustful relationships when it comes to their personal financial affairs. 

Equipping relationship managers with a user-centred digital advisory workbench enables you to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, and save time. Effective digital advisory solutions are customer and employee focused, easy to use, and realise the full potential of available data.

We've successfully built both advisory workplaces and customer-facing digital meeting solutions for private and retail banks.

Discover how we empowered Bank Julius Bär to build and roll out its global digital advisory suite:

Unlock the potential of blockchain

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has a wealth of potential, from optimising internal processes, to developing new services for cryptocurrencies and issuing digital assets and NFT custody in the metaverse.

Together with your teams, we define the right strategy for your organisation, identify promising use cases, and implement successful blockchain and DLT projects.

At Zühlke, we specialise in consulting and engineering services for the design of frictionless customer experiences and act as a system integrator at the interface between fintech start-ups and banks.

Discover how an intuitive user interface ensured an efficient onboarding process for new GorillaFunds investors:

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Accelerate your banking transformation with Zühlke

Meet our banking transformation leaders

  • Thomas Memmel

    Group Chief Financial Services Industry Officer & Partner

  • Maurice Roach

    Maurice Roach

    Managing Director Financial Services UK


    As the Managing Director for the UK Financial Services, Maurice leads a team of talented consultants, engineers, and designers who deliver customer-centric digital products for ambitious clients in the financial sector. Maurice has over 20 years of experience across the entire range of the digital delivery domain, from design and development, server builds and cloud engineering, UX, team leadership, and programme delivery.

    Maurice is dedicated to helping financial service providers transform and grow by leveraging data, technology, and design thinking. He is passionate about creating innovative, customer-centric digital solutions, solving real problems for real users.

  • Eric headshot

    Eric Cheung


  • Stefan Hirzel, Head of Banking, Zühlke Switzerland

    Stefan Hirzel

    Managing Director Banking Switzerland


    Stefan Hirzel has been at Zühlke since 2013 as a partner and Head of Banking Switzerland. His focus is on combining technology, business value and customer experience. Together with his team, he works day in, day out on innovations to drive forward Swiss banking.

  • Björn Lehnhardt

    Björn Lehnhardt

    Managing Director Financial Services Germany & Austria


    Björn Lehnhardt heads the Financial Services Market Unit at Zühlke Germany. Björn has been responsible for innovation, software and technology, strategy and organisational consulting as well as business development in various management positions for over 15 years and has practical experience from numerous digitalisation projects. He is driven by actively shaping the digitalisation journey together with our customers and helping them to take responsibility for tomorrow. Björn stands for a healthier and better planet through technology and digitalisation.