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The finance industry is changing fast, with ever more companies facing an ever more challenging market. Smart banking, open banking, FinTech and AI-based predictive banking are just some of the many new trends in the sector.

Moreover, consumers now expect much more from their financial services provider – offers and products tailored to their individual needs as well as a fully integrated customer journey. 

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Providers need to meet these expectations with maximum flexibility. While their main focus should be customer loyalty – from both existing and new clients – they also have to build up their product portfolio and brand.

Using data-driven banking and customer-oriented end-to-end solutions, Zühlke can help adapt your existing systems and get your business fighting fit for the challenges yet to come.  

Customer-centric Multichannel Solutions 

Today’s customers are looking for a fully integrated customer journey – from initial inquiry to benefit-oriented service. To be successful in the long term, banks need a multichannel strategy that delivers concrete benefits to their customers, for example in the form of personalised, data-driven investment propositions.

We create, develop, and integrate customer-centric, end-to-end solutions that ensure banks perform to their full potential.
Creating multichannel solutions help you prepare your bank for the digital era, improve customer loyalty and – with automated services – reduce your costs by upwards of 30%.

Monetisation of Data

For banks and other financial service providers, confidential data have always been an asset, but only now can you take full advantage of this precious resource. Thanks to AI, it’s possible to personalise customer-relevant processes and develop new, precision-targeted business models with ease.

We design, validate, and operationalise processes and business models so that you can unlock new sources of income with innovative products and new customer experiences.

By adopting data-driven banking, you can lead your company into a new era, with 20% more customers and 10% higher margins.

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Sustainable FinTech Trends

A new product or service does not secure long-term acceptance just by being new. The challenge is to implement the right new technologies that can both satisfy real customer needs and sustain added value over time.The solution lies in market tests and hands-on experience of open banking.

We help you build flexibility into your infrastructure and processes from the start, so that straight away you and your customers can start shaping your future together.  

This flexibility cements your reputation as a trendsetter – even for cross-sectoral ecosystems. You benefit with lasting customer loyalty and continuous development of your product and service portfolio.  

The Banking Platform as Differentiator

In this increasingly competitive environment, banks need a platform that delivers maximum flexibility. The solution should be a modular, open, and customer-centric new platform architecture but, in general, the high initial investment and running costs all but rule this out.

We have a workaround for that. We adapt your current systems to create a fully integrated and decoupled, front-to-back banking platform that not only delivers maximum connectivity and flexibility, but also guarantees your complete investment.

It cuts your installation and operating costs by up to 30% and lets you partially outsource your operating model – so you can focus 100% on your brand and customers. In the digital marketplace, this is essential to successfully outperform your competitors.  

Armando Paz Zühlke

Armando Paz

Senior Business Development Manager
Contact person for Switzerland

Armando Paz is Senior Business Development Manager and since September 2020 at Zühlke. Armando has been working in the IT environment for over 15 years with a strong background in financial services. His employers have included companies such as Union-Investment, Bloomberg, Fitch Solutions, State Street and start-up Fintech Tagmydeals. Armando holds a B.A. Hons in Business and Management and a Master of Accounting and Finance. His focus is on sales of software solutions and consultants to banks and insurance companies.

+41 43216 6853
Anja Baer

Anja Baer

Business Development & Solution Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Anja Baer oversees the banking business at Zühlke in her role as a Business Development & Solution Manager. She has extensive experience in managing large transformation projects. Prior to joining Zühlke, Anja has worked in the banking sector, in both Asia and Europe, and also founded a company following her passion for innovation in finance and technology. Anja holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management.

+65 6921 7803
Philipp Harrschar Zühlke

Philipp Harrschar

Director Business Development
Contact person for Germany

Philipp Harrschar is Director Business Development and Partner of the Zühlke Group. He has been with Zühlke since 2011 and advises and assists clients in digitisation projects both in the insurance industry and across industries. His focus is on cross-sector innovation patterns and the use of key technologies. 

+49 6196 777 54 329
Zühlke Bernhard Zimmermann

Bernhard A. Zimmermann

Director Business Development
Contact person for Austria

As Director Business Development, Bernhard A. Zimmermann is responsible for the sales agendas for Zühlke in Austria and is co-owner of the Swiss Zühlke Technology Group AG. He holds three Masters in computer science. In his more than 20-year career, he has been working as department head for enterprise security consulting at Unisys and as a sales specialist and sales manager at Microsoft.

+43 1 205 11 6841
Antonio Tinto

Antonio Tinto

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Antonio is a thought leader in digital innovation with over 16 years of experience in delivering complex programs, developing new business, product innovation, process improvement and solution integrations across different industries. Antonio has led teams of different cultures and professional backgrounds across industries including end-to-end product development, technology, operations and system management, change delivery and digital solutions. Trilingual in English, Italian and Mandarin, he holds an Honours Degree in International Economics and a Master Degree in Chinese Studies. Antonio is a certified Scrum Master and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Design Thinking.

+852 6891 8103
Myles Davidson

Myles Davidson

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom

Myles Davidson is an experienced leader for the digital transformation of companies and product innovation. Significant experience in driving business initiatives on a local and international level in a complex and rapidly changing environment. Myles is known as trusted advisor for clients at C- and board-level for strategic questions around business innovation and technology.

+44 02 7113 5325