Deliver quality applications at speed and scale with DevOps

Prime your DevOps transformation for success with a holistic approach that combines the right tooling, practices, and cultural change.

Evolve and improve products at a faster pace

DevOps gives you the processes, practices, and continuous learning environment to accelerate product innovation.

It empowers everyone in your value streams to rapidly deliver high-quality product enhancements and infrastructure changes while ensuring the best possible customer experiences.

With the right approach, your organisation can accelerate CX innovation, meet changing customer needs, and gain competitive advantage.

But many DevOps transformations fail to deliver impact, because organisations overlook the essential cultural and change management aspects of a successful implementation.

Here at Zühlke, we prime your DevOps strategy for success by making sure every strategic decision you make across your people, processes, and technology delivers positive change for you and your customers.

Innovate faster with our holistic DevOps consulting services

Digital Factory

Revolutionise your digital product development with Zühlke's Digital Factory. Our innovative approach enables you to create a more efficient, collaborative, and effective development environment that continuously delivers value.

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Platform Plane

Simplify your development process, boost productivity, and deliver better software faster with Zühlke’s Platform Plane. Our DevOps platform is built using best-of-breed tools and combines your cloud solutions and development tools in one place.

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DevOps consulting

Transform your software development processes with Zühlke's DevOps consulting services. We'll help you assess your DevOps maturity, define a strategy, and set the right goals and measurement framework.

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DevOps engineering

Streamline your software development processes and accelerate your time to market without compromising on quality.

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Quality assurance

Build quality assurance into the entire digital product lifecycle for better business and customer outcomes.

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Application modernisation

Modernise your core infrastructure and applications to unlock business optimisation and growth opportunities.

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Digital Factory

Benefit from the latest digital technologies and integrate your existing processes, knowledge, and people.

  • Holistic approach. Standardise, automate, and integrate your software development processes for faster, higher-quality releases. Digital Factory provides a holistic approach to software development, empowering your teams to work more efficiently, reduce errors, and respond more quickly to changes or issues. 

  • Improved collaboration. Break down silos between teams such as development, operations, and quality assurance, creating a more collaborative and integrated approach to software development.  

  • Efficiency. Benefit from tools, processes, and methodologies that eliminate manual and disconnected approaches, reducing your development costs and improving your time-to-market. 

  • Transformation. Gain the expertise and experience you need to take your digital product development to the next level. 

  • Industrialisation. Industrialise your software development process, standardising and automating it to improve quality, speed, and cost-efficiency. With our customised Digital Factory approach, you can accelerate time-to-market, reduce development costs, deploy higher-quality products, and increase customer satisfaction. What’s more, you can boost employee satisfaction and motivation through improved collaboration and optimised processes. 

Platform Plane

  • Streamlined development. Platform Plane brings all your development tools into one place. You no longer need to switch between different applications and tools, unlocking time and efficiency gains. 

  • Increased productivity. Automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on what really matters: writing high-quality code. This leads to increased productivity and faster time-to-market. 

  • Better collaboration. Platform Plane provides your team with a central hub for collaboration. You can share code, track issues, and communicate in real-time for improved teamwork and efficiency. 

  • Enhanced quality. Our platform includes automated testing and code review tools that help you catch bugs and errors, early in the development cycle. This leads to higher-quality software and fewer bugs in production. 

  • Scaled DevOps. Designed to grow with your team, whether you're a small startup or large enterprise, Platform Plane can handle your development needs as they scale.

DevOps consulting

Identify the right approach to address legacy infrastructure, applications, processes, and mindsets.

  • DevOps assessment and strategy. Assess your current DevOps maturity, define a strategy for adopting DevOps practices, and develop a roadmap for implementation. 

  • Goals and measurement. We work with you to set the right goals and measurement framework across your full product development value stream.  

  • Legacy. Analyse your legacy infrastructure, applications, processes, and mindsets. We provide recommendations and an implementation plan to address issues that may hinder the adoption of DevOps practices. 

  • Process. Design and optimise your development, testing, and deployment processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve collaboration across the full value stream. 

  • Tools. Gain guidance on how to select and implement the right tools to support your DevOps initiatives, such as continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) tools, monitoring and alerting tools, and infrastructure automation tools. 

  • Training and coaching. We offer training and coaching to help you build the necessary skills and knowledge within your teams to adopt and implement DevOps practices and principles. 

DevOps engineering

Our team of experienced DevOps engineers work with you to implement and manage the right tools and processes. Together, we automate and optimise your development, testing, and deployment processes to ensure continuous value delivery.

  • Faster time to market. Our DevOps engineers will help you implement the right tools and processes to enable continuous value delivery, allowing you to release high-quality software products, faster and more frequently. 

  • Higher quality standards. Our DevOps practices emphasise the importance of automation, collaboration, and continuous feedback to ensure high-quality standards throughout the software development lifecycle. 

  • Improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our team helps you streamline your development, quality assurance, and deployment processes, reducing the time and effort required to deliver software products while minimising costs. 

  • Increased agility and flexibility. Our DevOps engineering approach enables you to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market demands, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. 

  • Expert guidance and support. Our experienced DevOps engineers work closely with your teams to provide guidance and support throughout the implementation process, ensuring you achieve your DevOps goals and maximise return on investment. 

Quality assurance

Our DevOps engineers and consultants build quality assurance processes and testing into your entire digital product lifecycle – from ideation and design, through to development, deployment, optimisation, and beyond.  

  • Ensure your products meet defined user needs and quality standards from the outset. 

  • Drive efficiencies with continuous quality assurance testing and automation. 

Application modernisation

Our consultants and engineers help you modernise your business-critical applications, safely and securely, without impacting your operations or customer experience. 

  • Optimise your legacy systems and applications efficiently and effectively.  

  • Define the right modernisation approach, whether you need full refactoring, or a hybrid model that combines the best of build and buy.

A results-driven approach to DevOps transformation

Ensure ROI with a holistic DevOps approach focused on the people, process, and platform changes you need to meet your strategic goals.

Fluid and iterative

DevOps transformation requires organisational and process change. Our specialists shape a robust but fluid framework that can grow and adapt to meet your organisation’s changing needs and evolving infrastructure and development processes. Move quickly and iteratively without sacrificing control or security.  

Collaborative and accountable

DevOps is a cultural shift and continuous learning environment. We work with stakeholders at all levels of the business to bridge gaps and secure buy-in, ownership, and engagement. Governance, coaching, evangelism, and creative collaboration drives commitment across the business.

Scalable and goals driven

Set ambitious but achievable strategic goals for your DevOps transformation across performance, operational efficiency, customer value, and service quality and velocity. Manage complex, changing systems efficiently as you deliver incremental ROI.

Value delivery guaranteed

Optimise your value flow and accelerate time to value. Our proven approach emphasises automation, quality, and customer centricity to ensure your teams’ continuous delivery pipeline translates into continuous customer value and experience optimisation.

Benefit from our extensive DevOps experience

Prime your DevOps strategy for success with Zühlke. We’ve delivered 200 DevOps initiatives and counting.

  • 250+ DevOps consultants and engineers

  • 200 DevOps initiatives delivered to date

  • 10 industries served with our DevOps offering

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The Zühlke advantage

Gain an unfair advantage with Zühlke. We’ve delivered 10,000+ successful digital innovation projects worldwide.

Global reach
Global reach, local presence
World-class services
Committed to sustainability
Data driven
Data-driven innovation

Global reach, local presence

Our 1,600 employees around the world work as one global knowledge network. We support you locally out of 17 offices in 10 countries.

World-class services

We’ve delivered 10,000+ software and product development projects across multiple industries. Our services are ISO accredited for their quality and efficiency.

Committed to sustainability

We prioritise sustainability throughout our projects, corporate culture, and operations.

Data-driven innovation

Data fuels innovation. That’s why we put data at the heart of everything we do.

Zühlke is Trusted Advisor of Migros Genossenschaftsbund

Migros rapidly stabilises business-critical software

Our software specialists performed open-heart surgery to stabilise the POS system for Switzerland’s largest retail company and supermarket chain.

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Regina Dietiker

Head of DevOps

Regina Dietiker is a partner at Zühlke and responsible for the DevOps Practice at Zühlke Switzerland.
Creating and maintaining successful customer products and modernising applications is her passion.