Transform digital product development with Zühlke Digital Factory

Standardise and automate your software development environments – for faster, higher-quality releases. Zühlke Digital Factory helps you accelerate time to market, drive efficiencies, and boost customer satisfaction.

Deliver high-performance, reliable, scalable products

Complex software development environments block innovation and prolong time to market. If you're unable to streamline and standardise your legacy processes, you compromise your ability to deliver high-quality, business-critical products and applications.  

With Zühlke Digital Factory, it’s easy to standardise and automate your software development environments, enabling your organisation to deliver quality products at pace. Benefit from the latest digital technologies and integrate your existing processes, knowledge, and people for a holistic and efficient approach to digital product development. 

Our specialist teams deliver rapid, cross-area assessment and a pragmatic roadmap for change, providing real outcomes and improvements in an incremental and collaborative way.

Take digital product development to the next level

Discover how Zühlke Digital Factory helps you reduce lead times, gain efficiencies, and improve ROI.

Transform digital product development with Digital Factory

Benefit from a holistic approach to development with Zühlke Digital Factory

Enhance quality

Standardise, automate, and integrate your software development processes for higher-quality releases. Zühlke Digital Factory provides a holistic approach to software development, empowering your teams to reduce errors, and respond more quickly to changes or issues.

Boost team satisfaction

Break down silos between teams such as development, operations, and quality assurance, for an integrated approach to software development. Boost employee satisfaction and motivation through improved collaboration and optimised processes.

Gain efficiencies

Benefit from tools, processes, and methodologies that eliminate manual and disconnected approaches, reducing inefficiencies and development costs.

Accelerate time to market

Industrialise your software development process to accelerate time to market. Deploy high-quality products and applications at speed, improving ROI and customer satisfaction.

Deliver complex products faster with our holistic approach

  • Product management

    • Unlock continuous value delivery
    • Ensure strategic alignment, with cascading goals
    • Enable effective feedback loops and prioritisation
    • Connect product strategy with execution
  • Agile programme delivery

    • Optimise your operating model for value flow
    • Streamline teams and workflows
    • Stabilise and improve performance
    • Enable continuous discovery and delivery
    • Simplify reporting with visual dashboards
    • Bake compliance into your processes
  • Customer experience

    • Improve customer centricity with integrated user research and rapid feedback loops
    • Engineer compelling customer experiences
    • Optimise for accessibility and inclusivity
  • Data

    • Ensure effective data pipelines and flows
    • Enable timely, relevant, secure data
    • Achieve actionable data science for smarter decision-making
  • DevOps

    • Improve outcomes with the help of modern engineering practices and in-built quality controls
    • Streamline and integrate your DevOps, CI/CD pipelines, platforms and platform engineering
    • Establish a foundational platform that enables teams to deliver continuous value
  • Architecture

    • Benefit from a modern, flexible architecture
    • Ensure your infrastructure is reliable and performant

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Head of DevOps Regina Dietiker
Contact person for Switzerland

Regina Dietiker

Head of DevOps

Regina Dietiker is a partner at Zühlke and responsible for the DevOps Practice at Zühlke Switzerland.
Creating and maintaining successful customer products and modernising applications is her passion. 

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