Our Industrial Consulting & Engineering Services

The industrial sector is facing complex challenges: costs have to be reduced, sales secured and new ideas made real. Zühlke supports you in exploiting the full potential of digitalisation to create innovative, customer-centric solutions and services.

Let's tackle your challenges together

  • Speeding up hardware development

    New market conditions call for new innovations to be developed and launched in ever shorter cycles, and with a larger software component. Together, we quickly turn your ideas into market-ready products.

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  • Smart Connected Solutions

    In a digitised world, connected solutions are a basic requirement for staying in business. We use smart technologies to connect your products and make them fit for IoT and Industry 4.0 use cases.

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  • Value Engineering reduces production costs

    The production of goods is one of the biggest manufacturing cost items for companies, and systems development offers the biggest potential for economising. We support you in getting your manufacturing costs on track and optimising your product’s margin.

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  • Flexibility with customised standard solutions

    Standard software and/or hardware solutions may look like a cost-effective option, but they usually lead to vendor lock-in. We offer a blend of standard products and custom-made solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

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  • Data-driven solutions optimise processes

    A lack of feedback from processes and devices is one of the main causes of operational inefficiency and revenue loss in the manufacturing sector. With a holistic digitalisation strategy, we pave the way to greater efficiency and transparency in a data-driven organisation.

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Speeding up hardware development

In ideation workshops, we develop and test your ideas using functional prototypes. Our agile, interdisciplinary teams of experts from the fields of electronics, mechanics, optics, software and usability help to build, produce and successfully launch your mass-market products. 

Customer focus, cost optimisation and a short time to market ensure you can compete against the world’s best.   

Discover how we created value for Konica Minolta:

Smart Connected Solutions

You benefit from our customer-centric consulting, coupled with deep implementation expertise and a practical approach. Automated condition monitoring and fleet management, optimised operating processes, predictive maintenance and new digital services are just a few use cases that can increase your efficiency and secure monetisation.  

Together, we create the unique selling points that differentiate your products from those of your competitors. 

Discover how we created value for Wilo:

Value Engineering reduces production costs

Interdisciplinary teams use our proven value engineering approach to help you develop equipment, machines, associated disposables and production facilities more cost-effectively. 

By focusing on value from the start, we reduce your production costs by up to 50 per cent. 

Flexibility with customised standard solutions

As a full lifecycle partner, we provide you with vendor- and product-neutral advice. We create a smart blend of standard products and custom-made solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Thus, you avoid supplier dependency and loss of IP, while still benefiting from cost-effective standard solutions that enable rapid initial implementation. 

This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to systemic changes, data sovereignty and development costs. 

Discover how we created value for Konux:

Data-driven solutions optimise processes

Our holistic digitalisation strategy is built around interconnected, smart machine-learning solutions. Our solutions enable you to collect and apply the data required for Industry 4.0 use cases such as automation, boosting the efficiency of the production process, resource management, quality control and customer service. 

We develop customised AI solutions and install best-in-class sensor technology – for edge-data acquisition that delivers more comprehensive feedback. By eliminating data blind spots, we pave the way for operational excellence.   

Discover how we created value for Digitalparking (previously Taxomex):

Rolf Hoepli, Director Business Development
Contact person for Switzerland

Rolf Höpli

Director Business Development

Rolf Höpli is Partner of the Zühlke Group. He is responsible for the business development in the Swiss industrial sector. Based on his educations in machine manufacturing and computer science he has always felt fascinated by the infinite possibilities of the combination of clever software and ingenious machines. Rolf Höpli focuses on the transformation of customer experience, interdisciplinary product innovation and monetization of data science use cases. He passes on his experience as a speaker (MEM congresses) and lecturer (FFHS & BFH).

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Jens von der Brelie
Contact person for Germany

Jens von der Brelie

Head of Market Unit Industrial and Consumer Products

Jens von der Brelie has extensive experience in product development, product management and sales in the industrial sector. He has over 30 years experience in plant engineering, automation technology, building technologies, and the consumer goods industry. He joined Zuhlke in 2011, and currently leads our Industrial and Consumer Products division. He has a degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig where he specialised in data technology.

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Brewster Barclay
Contact person for United Kingdom

Brewster Barclay

Business Development Director

Brewster Barclay has a long history developing and selling innovative software and hardware solutions in the electronics and Internet industries, including running a start-up for 6 years. He is dedicated to helping customers create innovative solutions in healthcare and has shown this outside of his Zühlke responsibilities in his frequent mentoring of e-health and medtech startups.

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Andreas Pfleger
Contact person for Austria

Andreas Pfleger

Head of Market Unit Industry & Consumer Products

Andreas Pfleger combines his knowledge of industry and IT to ensure solution-oriented business development in the manufacturing and machinery sectors. He is Zühlke Austria’s Head of Industry and Consumer Products. Motivated by a passion for industrial digital transformation, he focuses his efforts on driving the potential of Austrian industry forward. As a senior project manager, he has managed national and international onsite, nearshore, and offshore software development projects in various sectors.

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