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Insurers are facing changing customer needs, the adoption of advanced technologies and new market entrants such as InsurTechs, all of which demand a strong response.

Furthermore, digital customer journeys that replace face-to-face sales, innovative products such as hourly insurance that replace conventional time based insurance, and ecosystem supplied products that mirror their own products are changing the way customers interact with a insurers’ existing products and services. In addition, the ability to change and evolve is further complicated by siloed legacy application landscapes that make it difficult to adapt existing business processes to these new customer demands.

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This is why insurers need an experienced partner, like Zühlke, that offers a full array of services – from strategic consulting to service design and product delivery.

Together, we can help turn your product portfolio into the types of services that digital native customers demand.

Zuhlke versicherung kundenbeziehung

Strengthening Your Digital Customer Relationship

In insurance, the customer experience is highly transactional and limited to a few, mostly negative touch points. This results in a fundamental lack of trust. Another challenge is rising demand for self-service options which add to the pressure on insurers to digitalise the customer journey. To retain customers, it’s not enough for digital touch points to match non-digital equivalents – insurers need to add value as well.

With our impressive record of customer-centric end-to-end development, Zühlke improves the delivery of your digital products and services with solutions that we customise fully to your customers’ needs.

By automating structured interactions such as claims processing, we enhance customer access to your digital services. And by personalising digital customer interactions through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we raise the quality of those valuable touch points.

Zuhlke versicherung dienstleistungsinnovation
Zuhlke versicherung dienstleistungsinnovation

Mastering Digital Product and Service Innovation

Changing customer needs, market trends and competition from InsurTechs are forcing insurers to innovate, but they are held back by a lack of customer insights, tech know-how, speed and scalability. Another obstacle is the tendency for innovative products to cannibalise the core business, forcing insurers to completely rethink their business model.

Zühlke has the customer insight and technical know-how to overcome these challenges, helping you reduce costs and improve your capacity to innovate. You can tackle usage based, peer-to-peer or IoT enabled insurance projects with confidence by leveraging our experience in product and service innovation, and our technological expertise. Our services range from strategic consulting to outside-in experience design and product delivery.

The ultimate goal: To make you the go-to service partner for your customers – for decades to come. 

Zuhlke versicherung automatisierung
Zuhlke versicherung automatisierung

Leveraging Automation for Digital Process Innovation

Before insurers can leverage self-service functions and business process automation, they first need to address a whole range of issues. Complex and siloed systems, high OpEx and time-consuming decision-making all impact profits, leaving both employees and customers dissatisfied.

Zühlke has a strong track record in digitalising underwriting and claims processes, in enabling companies to use AI and machine learning, and in changing complex enterprise software. We enable a smooth transition to predictive modelling, automated risk mitigation, better pricing and the automation of claims handling and reporting.

In this way, we help you simplify your business processes, reduce costs and improve the overall employee and customer experience

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Zuhlke versicherung systemstrategien
Zuhlke versicherung systemstrategien

Ecosystem Strategy Development and Deployment 

The digitalisation of customer journeys and the continuous adoption of advanced technology are accelerating the evolution of digital ecosystems. Services with added value can grow organically, allowing insurers to profit from the expanded service network.

But all too often existing and proprietary IT systems are not designed for open networking and governance issues may hamper adoption of innovative product design. This makes an effective ecosystem strategy essential for insurers.

Zühlke offers extensive experience of developing and integrating complex, scalable data platforms and system architectures for digital ecosystems – as well as in-depth knowledge of governance, security and compliance.

Zuhlke versicherung agiles business
Zuhlke versicherung agiles business

Regaining Business Agility through Application Modernisation

Large, siloed applications conceal massive security and operational risks, lead to spiralling costs and make it difficult to adopt new technologies and product innovations. By developing long-term technology strategies, Zühlke helps you to reduce the cost of delivering new software functionality, to identify business opportunities, and to deliver quick results.

Whether you are replacing a current system or migrating to a cloud platform, we help your business regain its agility by transforming your application landscape, ensuring a seamless transition to your new operating model and mitigating risk. 

Nick Drummer

Nick Drummer

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Germany

Nick joined Zühlke in 2020 as a Business Development Manager for Financial Services. For more than 7 years he supports various Financial Institutions on their way along the digital transformation journey. First as a consultant with Deloitte where he focused on technology topics such as Data Analytics, Risk Transformation and Blockchain. Later with FIS (a global Financial Technology company) where he supported clients on their core banking modernization journeys. Having been exposed to the industries different digitization problems he has a well-rounded overview on the issues and possible ways forward.


Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.

Zuhlke - Peter Haarmark

Peter Haarmark

Insurance Practice Lead, Business Development Manager
Contact person for Singapore

Leading Insurance at Zühlke Singapore, Peter Haarmark has over 15 years of experience working in cross-functional roles in tech start- ups and global companies. Before joining Zühlke, Peter worked for a large Danish insurer in Europe and also created the commercial insurance offering for a leading cloud- based corporate services provider in Singapore. Peter holds the General Insurance License from Singapore College of Insurance.

Zühlke Bernhard Zimmermann

Bernhard A. Zimmermann

Director Business Development
Contact person for Austria

As Director Business Development, Bernhard A. Zimmermann is responsible for the sales agendas for Zühlke in Austria and is co-owner of the Swiss Zühlke Technology Group AG. He holds three Masters in computer science. In his more than 20-year career, he has been working as department head for enterprise security consulting at Unisys and as a sales specialist and sales manager at Microsoft.

Brewster Barclay

Brewster Barclay

Business Development Director
Contact person for United Kingdom

Brewster Barclay has a long history developing and selling innovative software and hardware solutions in the electronics and Internet industries, including running a start-up for 6 years. He is dedicated to helping customers create innovative solutions in healthcare and has shown this outside of his Zühlke responsibilities in his frequent mentoring of e-health and medtech startups.

Lukas Urech Zühlke

Lukas Urech

Director Business Development
Contact person for Switzerland

For more than 20 years Lukas Urech has been helping companies implement digitalisation projects. He joined Zühlke in August 2016 and is responsible for the insurance business as Director Business Development. Lukas holds a MASt in General Management from ETH Zurich and specialises in solution-orientated business development. Creating value for customers is his number one priority.