Accelerate your insurance transformation with Zühlke

With revenue and market share under threat, insurers must fundamentally rethink their customer value propositions and how they add value in the daily lives of policy holders.

By embedding modern technologies in their processes and harnessing the customer data and access of ecosystem partners, insurers can unlock models that serve the changing needs of markets, customers, and colleagues.

This might sound complex, but it doesn’t need to be. With our unique ability to join the dots between technology, data, people, and processes, we’re ideally placed to help you run smarter today as you lay the foundations for tomorrow’s insurance models.

Gartner® recognises Zühlke's insurance domain expertise
portrait of Claude Haueter, Project Director, Commercial Insurance at Zurich Insurance Group
' With Zühlke, we found a partner who is flexible in responding to changes in the programme, whether technological, organisational or commercial. '
Claude Haueter
Project Director, Commercial Insurance, Zurich Insurance Group

Let's tackle your insurance challenges together

  • Get the basics right

    Create a targeted market development strategy, build innovative products, obtain first-class underwriting, ensure effective claims settlement, and deliver excellent quality of services.

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  • Shift from payer to partner

    Use partnerships to create more positive customer touchpoints. But how can your insurance company do this in a way that goes beyond policy management and claims settlement?

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  • Mastering complexity through simplification

    In an increasingly complex world, simplicity is becoming a key competitive advantage. Externally, your customers now expect intuitive, end-to-end, efficient interactions across different channels. Internally, companies have to streamline unnecessarily complicated processes and combat sluggish organisational cultures that hinder innovation.

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  • Become more attractive in the fight for talent

    Reduce dependence on a narrow job market through innovation. The battle for the best talent is intensifying across sectors and the insurance industry is no exception. So, how can your company position itself in the best possible manner when it comes to acquiring top talent?

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  • Fight pressure on margins effectively

    The public perception is that high commissions are causing premium increases in the insurance business. Alongside this, there are increasing regulatory costs, global inflation, and new players offering fully digital business models, creating a hazardous mix. All of these factors raise the age-old question: how can you maintain margins in large portfolios?

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Get the basics right

In the digital world, none of this is possible without proactive access to complete, accurate, and consistent data. But what if most of the data is locked away across multiple legacy systems? Or, if it’s of questionable quality, limited comparability, and with compromised data security? With Zühlke, you don’t have to worry. We work with you to make your systems and your organisation fit for a digital future – with cyber-resilience and data protection built in.

Discover how the corporate start-up of Versicherungskammer Bayern is becoming a data-driven organisation with Zühlke.

Shift from payer to partner

By forming an ecosystem with service providers from other industries grouped around a particular theme. For instance, car, housing, or travel. This is how you can become a trustworthy partner for your private and corporate customers and reduce costs from claims through prevention. The prerequisites for this are technological, organisational, and cultural alignment, which our team can help you establish.

Discover how the LiveWell platform expands Zurich's health promotion offering and improves its positioning with Zühlke.

Mastering complexity through simplification

Together we can reduce the complexity of your IT environment, simplify your business processes, and boost your efficiency. Thus, resulting in lower costs, greater innovative potential, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Discover how SWICA is digitalising the quotation process with Zühlke and the Mendix low-code platform.

Become more attractive in the fight for talent

To be seen as an attractive employer, you have to offer your specialists an exciting environment with cutting-edge technology and reduce the time they spend on system-related or administrative tasks. At Zühlke, we work with you to create the insurance workplace of the future, helping you attract and retain the best talent for the long term.

Discover how Zühlke increased customer and employee satisfaction by developing a global underwriting system for Zurich Insurance Group.

Fight pressure on margins effectively

The answer is: you have to accomplish more with less. By working together, we can help you reduce costs through targeted automation, leaner business processes, and new ways of sourcing.

Discover how Zühlke supports PDR in the development of an AI-based, future-proof and scalable solution.

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Accelerate your insurance transformation with Zühlke

Meet our insurance transformation leaders

  • Thomas Memmel

    Group Chief Financial Services Industry Officer & Partner

  • Eric headshot

    Eric Cheung


  • Maurice Roach

    Maurice Roach

    Managing Director Financial Services UK


    As the Managing Director for the UK Financial Services, Maurice leads a team of talented consultants, engineers, and designers who deliver customer-centric digital products for ambitious clients in the financial sector. Maurice has over 20 years of experience across the entire range of the digital delivery domain, from design and development, server builds and cloud engineering, UX, team leadership, and programme delivery.

    Maurice is dedicated to helping financial service providers transform and grow by leveraging data, technology, and design thinking. He is passionate about creating innovative, customer-centric digital solutions, solving real problems for real users.

  • Markus Reding, Head of Insurance and Partner

    Markus Reding

    Managing Director Insurance Switzerland & Partner


    Markus Reding leads the Market Unit Insurance at Zühlke in Switzerland. For more than 20 years he is responsible for innovation, strategy, product management, software engineering, and business development in various leadership positions and has practical experience from numerous digitisation projects. Meeting the challenges and market trends in the insurance industry with innovative solutions is what drives him.

  • Björn Lehnhardt

    Björn Lehnhardt

    Managing Director Financial Services Germany & Austria


    Björn Lehnhardt heads the Financial Services Market Unit at Zühlke Germany. Björn has been responsible for innovation, software and technology, strategy and organisational consulting as well as business development in various management positions for over 15 years and has practical experience from numerous digitalisation projects. He is driven by actively shaping the digitalisation journey together with our customers and helping them to take responsibility for tomorrow. Björn stands for a healthier and better planet through technology and digitalisation.

  • portrait photo Christian Straube, Head Value Proposition Insurance & Global Key Account Manager at Zühlke

    Dr. Christian Straube

    Head Value Proposition Insurance & Global Key Account Manager


    Dr. Christian Straube is Head Value Proposition Insurance and Global Key Account Manager. He joined Zühlke as an Advanced Software Engineer in 2014 and has since then specialised in the insurance sector through his experience in both technical and executive roles. Due to his background, he excels with strong leadership and communication skills.