Innovate smarter and accelerate time to value

Borderless innovation, powered by scalable technology, can be a powerful force for good. It’s essential for a sustainable business model and long-term success. 

But many transformation programmes fall short of this promise. Tech investments deliver minimal ROI. And would-be innovations die on the vine.

Thankfully, we thrive on complexity here at Zühlke. Our magic lies in closing the gaps between your strategic ambition, technological implementation, and operational excellence.

We accelerate and derisk your strategic roadmap – and prime your innovation initiatives to deliver lasting impact.

' Zühlke brings something different. They’re culture carriers and collaborators. They don’t come in, take a piece of work, then hand it back when it’s finished. They become part of the change. '
Paul Clark
former CTO, Tandem Bank

Drive ongoing value in a changing business environment

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Adapting your organisation for our age of exponential change is a business imperative. Here’s how we empower you to thrive in a fluid, data-empowered, and hyper collaborative business environment.

Become a better, more sustainable organisation

  • Become a data-driven organisation

    Transform your data into business knowledge. Develop a capability for exchanging complementary and disparate data with diverse partners to co-create new value.

  • Accelerate and de-risk your strategy

    Develop a strategic partnering mindset and dynamic partnering capabilities. Clarify your strategic ambition and the role your organisation should play within your ecosystem.

  • Bring agility and scale to legacy systems

    Modernise your legacy systems, fast-track your journey to the cloud, and gain the agility you need to drive lasting value in tomorrow’s ecosystem economy.

  • Enable continuous customer value creation

    Develop a capability for continuous and effective change. Break silos and ensure every team and product lifecycle phase serves real and evolving customer needs.

  • Optimise for sustainability

    Thrive in the future with a business model that delivers a triple bottom line impact for profit, people, and planet. By baking sustainability into your processes and platforms today, we prime you to lead disruptive change in tomorrow’s circular and connected economy.


Zühlke empowers chemicals company to become a data-driven organisation

Our consultants developed a strategy, prioritised roadmap, and scalable approach that enabled a speciality chemicals manufacturer to transform its processes and operations with data.

STIHL transforms from manufacturer to IoT leader with strategic guidance from Zühlke

Discover how we developed a digital strategy and sustainable business model to take STIHL from equipment manufacturer to IoT digital service provider, unlocking radically new value for its customers.

Alpiq gains agility with strategic cloud migration

Our consultants collaborated with the Swiss energy company to define a strategy and execute a prioritised roadmap of application cloud migration, with a focus on speed, operational resilience, and cost efficiency.

HSBC mobile app empowers UK customers to start investing

Discover how developing a customer-centric mindset and capabilities enabled HSBC UK to create new customer value and become a more agile business that can ‘move smarter and faster’.

Zühlke demonstrates how labs can reduce carbon footprints by 90%

Pharma laboratories create vast amounts of plastic waste. Our analysis enabled IonField Systems to demonstrate how its innovative cleaning tech can cut waste and reduce lab carbon footprints by up to 90%.