Safeguard your organisation with cybersecurity consulting

Gain resilience and competitive advantage with the right cybersecurity approach and systems.

Build resilience with the right cybersecurity defences

Safeguarding your employees, customers, and critical systems is a moral obligation, regulatory requirement, and business imperative for continuity and growth.

But it’s difficult to proactively measure and mitigate risk when the goal posts are moving. Cyber attacks are growing more frequent and more sophisticated as criminals exploit emerging technologies including AI to develop and automate new threats.

That’s why it’s critical to arm yourself with the right approach, people, and systems to stay safe – today and tomorrow.

Our 125+ strong team of global cybersecurity consultants partner with you to assess your options and determine the right strategy and roadmap to safeguard and future-proof your operations.

Secure and scale with our cybersecurity consulting services

  • Security assessments

    Stress test and future-proof your infrastructure, processes, and platforms. Pinpoint vulnerabilities and gain practical recommendations on how to build organisational resilience.

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  • Security consulting

    Prime your information security initiatives for success with the help of our team of more than 125 highly qualified and passionate experts. We bring practical, real-world experience – gained from designing and operationalising more than 700 information security solutions and initiatives.

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  • Security engineering

    Meet compliance needs and complex security requirements without compromising user experience. Build and protect your digital products and infrastructure with our world-class engineers.

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  • Security awareness & training

    Establish a culture of organisational resilience and empower teams to become cybersecurity experts. Boost your career with CISM and CISA certifications from our industry-recognised experts.

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Security assessments

Our team runs sophisticated, multi-layered tests that identify precisely how, where, and when you need to strengthen your security defenses.

  • Understand and tackle key vulnerabilities in your legacy tech and dependencies.
  • Benefit from a holistic approach that assesses security across your people, processes, products, and platforms.
  • Combine manual and automated security tests with our decades of experience for reliable insights.
  • Gain comprehensible, actionable, and prioritised recommendations.

Security consulting

Benefit from our in-depth industry experience. Replace your assumptions and hypotheses  
with evidence-based, market-informed decision making. 

  • Identify the cybersecurity strategies, initiatives, and frameworks that best fit your goals.  
  • Organise governance, risk management, and compliance structures in a systematic and centralised manner. 
  • Provide appropriate, up-to-date, and integrated management systems (IMS, ISMS, DPMS, AIMS). 
  • Continuously optimise and automate processes, minimising the need for human intervention in low- value tasks, such as the TPS 3M model.  
  • Empower your business to design and implement the right organisational and technical measures. 
  • Adopt the right cybersecurity processes, solutions, systems, components, and standards for your needs. 
  • Ensure compliance with and regular review of cybersecurity requirements. 

Security engineering

Benefit from our more than 50 years’ experience in secure software engineering and systems architecture. 

  • Build your infrastructure sustainably and securely. 
  • Develop security solutions that support your strategic goals. 
  • Ensure that security is baked into your digital products and services, from ideation to production. 
  • Develop user-centric features across identity management, access control, data protection, and more. 
  • Meet product security compliance requirements specific to your industry and market regions. 

Security awareness & training

Elevate cybersecurity knowledge with our public certification courses, designed to develop expert skills and foster a resilient organisational culture.   

Our courses are designed to take you beyond theory, giving you the practical skills to thrive in today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape. 

Wherever you are on your learning pathway, we’re with you every step of the way. 

  • Gain practical learnings from industry experts. Harness our decades’ worth of experience in the field, with training programmes shaped and delivered by industry-leading cybersecurity specialists. 
  • Put learnings into practice with interactive exercises. Enrich your learning journey and put your learnings into practice with engaging practical exercises and real-world scenarios. 
  • Accelerate your learning pathway. Choose from a wide range of cybersecurity training programmes to suit your goals and experience level.
  • Gain recognised industry certifications. Validate your cybersecurity expertise with industry recognition from ISACA. 

Our courses 

Apply now to take your career to the next level

To discuss courses not yet available through our website, or to explore how we can tailor training to your team’s needs, drop us a line at cysec.academy@zuehlke.com.

A proven and proactive approach to managing risk

Benefit from a people-centric, value-driven approach to cybersecurity.


Organisation-wide collaboration with your business leaders is key to managing risk effectively and making the right decisions and security investments. That’s why our approach to cybersecurity consulting and systems engineering is collaborative and multidisciplinary, ensuring the best outcomes for the business and your people.

People first

Security spend alone is not an effective defence against emerging cyber threats. You need the right security systems and highly skilled individuals to implement and manage them. That’s why we focus on helping you upskill your people, boost education and awareness, and establish a culture of organisational resilience.

Holistic and modern

We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity including people, processes, and platforms to ensure the best defences. Evolving cyber threats call for sophisticated defences, which is why we use modern technologies to automate tasks and rapidly and intelligently act on data. We help you manage risks effectively, meet compliance requirements, and create new business value from your data, technology, and resilience practices.

Supportive and tailored

Our consultants apply empirical evidence, in-depth analysis, and decades of expertise to ensure the best outcomes for you and your customers. Our recommendations are highly informed, prioritised, and tailored to your needs and strategic goals. From ideation to the implementation and management of your security systems, we’re here every step of the way.

Partner with our highly experienced cybersecurity consultants

Prime your strategy for success with the help of our seasoned cybersecurity consultants, based in 17 locations across 10 countries. Our experts are also experienced trainers, giving you the practical skills to thrive in today’s evolving cybersecurity through our ISACA certified courses.

  • 125+ security consultants and engineers    
  • 700+ successfully delivered cybersecurity initiatives    
  • 10+ industries
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Gain actionable cybersecurity insights

Bolster your expertise in cyber resilience with accredited courses and hands-on training programmes. Our experienced instructors provide you with in-depth knowledge on everything from AI in cybersecurity, to threat modelling for engineers and NIS 2.0 fundamentals.

The Zühlke advantage

Gain an unfair advantage with Zühlke. We’ve delivered 10,000+ successful digital innovation projects worldwide.

Our 1,900 employees around the world work as one global knowledge network. We support you locally out of 17 offices in 10 countries.

We’ve delivered 10,000+ software and product development projects across multiple industries. Our services are ISO accredited for their quality and efficiency.

We prioritise sustainability throughout our projects, corporate culture, and operations.

Data fuels innovation. That’s why we put data at the heart of everything we do.

Contact person for Switzerland

Dr. Raphael Reischuk

Group Head Cybersecurity & Partner

Raphael Reischuk is the author of numerous scientific publications in various areas of IT security and cryptography, many of which have received awards. BILANZ and Handelszeitung listed him among the Top 100 Digital Shapers in Switzerland in 2021.

Reischuk is a member of multiple international programme committees for IT security and Vice-President of the Cybersecurity Committee at digitalswitzerland. He is also the co-founder and a board member of the National Test Institute for Cybersecurity (NTC).

In 2017, he joined Zühlke, where he channels the expertise he has gained in various industries into his role as Group Head Cybersecurity & Partner. As an experienced IT security expert, he is driven by curiosity, innovation, technology, a sense of commitment and a strong business ethos.

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