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The energy and utilities landscape is in the midst of an evolution toward decentralisation, digitisation, and decarbonisation. This shift not only affects commercial models and physical infrastructures, but also demands a reimagining of the operations needed to govern and assure the efficient supply of utilities.&

However, implementing this kind of a change at scale, while ensuring affordability, calls for a new approach, one that prioritises interconnected data and digital innovation at its core. Today, collaboration amongst different organisations is essential to unlock true economical value and facilitate the seamless flow of data that will enable the creation of a secure energy and utility ecosystem.

Our team of energy management consultants, utilities experts, and data professionals are here to help you navigate the transition, cut through the complexity of data silos, and transform existing systems and processes to extract value quickly. Let’s build a more sustainable critical national infrastructure together.

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Why data is critical to achieving a greener future

To achieve a low-cost, secure, and sustainable energy system, it's imperative to enable data sharing across a collaborative ecosystem of organisations. Learn more about fostering effective data exchange and the pivotal role of technology in creating a sustainable energy supply.

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' With Zühlke’s support as an expert partner, we were able to implement our digitalisation strategy quickly and effectively. '
Fabian von Arx
Head of Control Systems/MSR Energy Contracting, EKZ

Let’s build a sustainable energy ecosystem together

Drawing on extensive experience in the global energy and utilities sector, our experts help tap into the full spectrum of opportunities that modern technologies can deliver while minimising business risks and reducing time to market.

  • Adopt a data-driven approach

    Improve decision-making and drive collaboration by effectively using data along the entire value chain. Drawing on deep expertise in building secure data platforms that enable the use of open data, we can help your organisation play its role in decarbonising the energy system and develop new digital capabilities for lasting success.

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  • Enhance operational agility

    Become more agile to successfully respond to changes in the market, technology, and customer preferences while fostering a culture of innovation. Our experts help develop digital systems that enable agility and ensure alignment between research, design, and implementation teams to reduce risks and accelerate time to value.

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  • Navigate the energy transition

    Swiftly adjust the scale of your organisational processes and services with an IT architecture that easily adapts to opportunities and risks. Our experts guide you in the global energy transition and help transform legacy architecture to facilitate seamless integration of innovative solutions for a more sustainable and equitable future.

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  • Strengthen your cyber defences

    Improve resilience by adopting the necessary capabilities to safely navigate uncertain times and leverage opportunities presented by change. Our team of 125+ global cybersecurity consultants, is ready to evaluate optimal solutions for safeguarding your employees, customers, and critical energy systems.

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Adopt a data-driven approach

In and of itself, data is of little use. You need to leverage it properly to unearth true value. 

Our consultants help make both a technical and a mindset shift within your energy or utilities organisation to unlock the full potential of data. By leveraging LLMs and machine learning technologies, we safely extract data from operational systems and enhance it through integration with diverse, complementary data sources, all while ensuring regulatory adherence and state-of-the art security.

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Enhance operational agility

In a world where change is inevitable, we tap into our digital expertise and human-centred design to help you confront and adapt to change proactively.

With Zühlke as your partner, you can cultivate an environment conducive to innovation. We help you build an agile organisation, tackle software engineering considerations like the build-versus-buy dilemma, and embark on a transformative journey to the cloud.

Explore how we developed a cloud migration strategy for an energy provider

Navigate the energy transition

Navigating the energy transition is no easy feat. Legacy IT architecture hinders innovation, marked by time-consuming maintenance, instability, and scalability issues.

With our comprehensive energy consulting approach, you can quickly identify where to begin. We help outline an optimal digital strategy, implement functional IT architecture, conduct technical due diligence, rethink business models, and assist with renewable energy-to-grid integration.

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Strengthen your cyber defences

As more areas of your energy organisation transition to the online domain, cybersecurity defences emerge as a critical priority for safeguarding operations.

To help proactively measure and mitigate cyber threats, we carry out multi-layered security assessments and train your team to serve as a defensive 'firewall' against cybercriminals.

With our world-class engineers, your digital presence is protected, meeting compliance needs without compromising on user experience.

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Together with our partners, we help reimagine business models, redesign existing processes, and leverage data to drive real value.

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