Explore sustainability at Zühlke
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The future of innovation
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Digital Health Study 2023
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Explore sustainability at Zühlke

Co-creating a sustainable future

The future of innovation

Connected is Everything.

Digital Health Study 2023

Are MedTech partnerships the future of the NHS?

Empower your ideas – smarter, faster, and at scale

Your best opportunities are too big to realise alone. And you can’t create new value inside old silos.

It’s time to innovate beyond borders. Alongside diverse partners with complementary data, capabilities, and a shared goal.

This is how you create new and sustainable value – smarter, faster, and at scale.

This is ecosystem innovation with Zühlke.

Our client Cutiss working on artificial skin in a lab

'Zühlke is extremely competent in bringing ideas all the way to commercialisation.'

Dr. Vincent Ronfard, Chief Innovation Officer, Cutiss

Turn big opportunities into ongoing value
In a business environment that’s fluid, data-empowered, and collaborative, organisations must innovate beyond internal and external borders to realise their greatest opportunities.

This means becoming a data organisation, establishing a capability for continuous innovation, and developing a strategic partnering mindset.

We’re here to accelerate and de-risk this journey. And ensure early and lasting impact. Whether you’re looking to scale a new proposition, expand into new markets, or transform your core offering.
Gain multidisciplinary holistic support
Gain multidisciplinary, holistic support
Close the gaps between strategic ambition, tech implementation, and operational excellence, with our multidisciplinary expertise and holistic support.
Collaborate wtih a mission driven partner
Collaborate with a mission-driven partner
Borderless innovation and technology can be a powerful force for good. Collaborate with a partner committed to shaping a better, more sustainable future.
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Discover our client stories
Gain transferable insights from the innovation, software, and hardware initiatives we deliver within complex and regulated industries and ecosystems.
Laverage our industry experience
Leverage our industry experience
Benefit from a partner with deep, cross-industry experience – from healthcare and banking, to pharma, government, and the industrial sector.

Join our global team

We’re a diverse, multidisciplinary team of 1,900 technology and business innovation experts based across Europe and Asia. Our people thrive on turning complex opportunities into positive customer, commercial, and societal outcomes.

Explore our Careers Hub to check out the latest job openings at Zühlke.

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