Accelerate innovation and time to value with digital strategy consulting

Collaborate with a trusted external advisor to ensure your digitalisation programme and innovation initiatives deliver ongoing strategic value.

Develop a capability for continuous innovation

Organisations operate in a turbulent business environment shaped by frequent, high-impact change – from rapid tech modernisation and changing customer expectations, to economic, geopolitical, and societal disruption.

To thrive in this environment, you need to proactively meet change and create new opportunities. This requires continuous adaptation across people, products, processes, and platforms in line with changing market dynamics and evolving customer and business needs.

Zühlke’s innovation experts empower you to achieve this and accelerate your innovation journey. Whether your strategic ambition centres on business optimisation, market expansion, or transformation, we ensure your digitalisation programme delivers commercial and customer value, today and tomorrow.

Validate your approach with external support

Eliminate bias and assumptions by collaborating with external advisors with decades of cross-industry experience. Whatever your goals and digital maturity stage, we help you understand your options, plot the right path forward, and drive early and ongoing value across the entire innovation lifecycle.

Our collaborative approach combines research, customer journey analysis, and more to produce deliverables such as:

  • A validated digital strategy that unifies business strategy, customer insight, and process and platform modernisation.
  • A prioritised roadmap of digital initiatives to implement the strategy.
  • Customer journey maps and service blueprints.
  • An assessment of your current situation and mitigation measures, with analytical reporting and actionable recommendations.
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An end-to-end approach to strategic innovation

Customer first

Aligning around customer outcomes is key to developing a capability for continuous innovation. We ensure every decision and team in your innovation lifecycle is connected to and solving real customer and business needs.

Value centered

Our consultants position you to discover and deliver value to the business and to your customers – early and often. Every recommendation is validated, scalable, and ready to implement. We support you through strategy to implementation, and back again.

Digital first

Ultimately, we believe there’s no isolated digital strategy – just strategy in a digital world. That’s why we unify business strategy, data-led customer insight, scalable tech, and modern delivery methods to drive impact against your goals and unlock business growth and innovation.

Innovation led

Experiment and innovate safely and at speed. We help your organisation establish strategic innovation so you can adapt to changes in your business environment and ensure ongoing value, for you and your customers.

Clarify and align on your vision, strategy, and roadmap

Stakeholder misalignment, capability gaps, technical debt, and a host of other factors can derail your digitalisation programme and block innovation opportunities.

Our multidisciplinary team of global consultants enables you to clarify and align on the outcomes you want for you and your customers, then define and execute a prioritised plan to achieve them.

Clarify align
Validate prioritize
Transform scale

Clarify and align

  • Clarify your digital aspiration, strategic outcomes, and measurement framework.

  • Align, define, and communicate strategic priorities based on the outcomes your organisation is looking to deliver for customers.

  • Uncover and navigate risks, capability gaps, and opportunities to accelerate growth and innovation.

  • Develop a business case to secure the alignment and buy-in you need to succeed in your digitalisation programme.

Validate and prioritize

  • Validate the business case, technical feasibility, and customer appetite for new business opportunities and innovations.

  • Clarify when, where, and how to focus and measure your efforts.

  • Identify the right tools and digital operating model to forecast and anticipate investment.

  • Build a capability for understanding problems to be solved and testing hypotheses in a fast, safe, and cost effective way.

Transform and scale

  • Shape pragmatic strategies for organisational change to increase your resilience, agility, and competitive advantage in a volatile business environment.

  • Improve the scalability of your infrastructure, products, and solutions to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and unlock innovation opportunities using modern and scalable technologies.

  • Automate processes, adapt your operating model, and develop the delivery methods, structures, and organisational culture you need to drive innovation and transform time to value

The Zühlke advantage

Gain an unfair advantage with Zühlke. We’ve delivered 10,000+ successful digital innovation projects worldwide.

Our 1,800 employees around the world work as one global knowledge network. We support you locally out of 17 offices in 10 countries.

We’ve delivered 10,000+ software and product development projects across multiple industries. Our services are ISO accredited for their quality and efficiency.

We prioritise sustainability throughout our projects, corporate culture, and operations.

Data fuels innovation. That’s why we put data at the heart of everything we do.

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Contact person for Switzerland

Marco Balzarini

Head of Digital Consulting

Marco Balzarini has been a partner of the Zühlke Group since 2017 and leads the Digital Consulting Team at Zühlke Switzerland. An engineer by trade, Marco Balzarini subsequently pursued a degree in Business Administration and now provides holistic consulting services to clients implementing innovation projects. In doing so, he creates broad-based and implementable approaches with a focus that is both methodical and pragmatic. He enjoys the challenge of rethinking complex issues and combining different perspectives (strategy, technology and organisation) in order to establish sustainable solutions.

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Contact person for Germany

Jens Ilg

Chief of Digital Consulting

Jens Ilg is Chief of Digital Consulting at Zühlke Germany in the Stuttgart office since 2018. Before joining Zühlke, Jens worked with McKinsey Digital for customers across Europe with focus on the industrial and the financial sector. His experience comprises different projects and clients from long-term transformations to short-term product developments both at multinationals and small local companies. Jens obtained the Diploma in Information Engineering and Management from Universität Karlsruhe (TH) and holds a Ph.D. of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in energy informatics.

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Contact person for Austria

Barbara Hotwagner

Global Partner Manager Microsoft

Barbara is an advocate for sustainability and diversity, bringing her passion to her role as the Global Microsoft Partner Manager. In this capacity, she ensures a fruitful relationship with Microsoft, a crucial partner for Zühlke’s success. With a background as a Managing Director of Technology and extensive experience in project coordination within the IT sector, Barbara brings over 20 years of expertise. Her dedication to strategic alignment and fostering collaborative partnerships drives innovation and growth within the organization.

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Contact person for United Kingdom

Melanie Marchant

Head of Digital Consulting
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