Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

CISM certification is designed for managers responsible for managing, shaping and monitoring their company’s information security. Our CISM training gives you the knowledge and experience you need to provide effective security management and promote international practices.

Subjects that will be discussed:

  • Information security governance
  • Information security risk management
  • Information security programme
  • Incident management

Join us today and prove to upper management that you are ready to take information security to the next level.

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Course duration

5 days

Course objectives

Participants will learn how to develop a comprehensive information security strategy, manage risks, and implement effective security programmes. They will also learn how to prepare for and respond to security incidents.

Course overview

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certificate from ISACA gives a comprehensive insight into the role of an information security manager. This course addresses the urgent need for companies to protect their data and systems effectively. Given the growing threats in our digitalised world, this pain point is becoming increasingly relevant.

Participants will learn how to analyse, plan and develop information security strategies and identify and combat potential security risks (information security governance and risk management). They will learn about managing information security programmes, including security controls, testing, communication and reporting (information security programme). A vital aspect of the course is handling security incidents, including risk management, preparedness for and response to incidents (incident management).

The course provides an appropriate balance between theory and discussion to ensure that participants understand the concepts and apply them effectively.

The CISM certificate enables participants to demonstrate their expertise and understanding of business objectives concerning data security, giving them a competitive advantage in their careers.

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Target group

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certificate is aimed at individuals who are responsible for managing, shaping and monitoring a company in terms of information security. This certification promotes international practices and assures management that certificate holders possess the required experience and knowledge to ensure effective security management.  


This course includes:

  • Preparation for taking the CISM exam
  • Voucher for taking the CISM exam
  • Official ISACA courseware
  • Official ISACA Q&A documentation
  • One year membership at ISACA

The exam is a prerequisite for certification as an ISACA CISM. Certification is granted by ISACA upon verification of professional experience.

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