Maximise value and accelerate your retail transformation

Commerce is changing. Are you? 

With tight margins, record inflation, and lower consumer confidence, the retail and commerce sector is focused on business optimisation initiatives. From improving efficiencies, to cutting costs and strengthening core value propositions. 

But to thrive in the long term, retailers, wholesalers, and consumer goods companies also need to invest in their future, adapt for an era of exponential change, and drive continuous customer value in an increasingly connected and circular economy. 

We help you balance your current and future needs, realise your greatest ideas, and ensure early and ongoing return on your tech, business, and product innovation investments. 

Position your retail business to thrive in the future

Tomorrow’s retailers won’t just sell products. They'll unlock new revenue streams and generate added value as service providers – and by providing engaging experiences for their customer base.

Omnichannel commerce leaders are already on this path. They’re teaming up with diverse organisations and industries to share complementary customer data and co-innovate better value propositions together. 

To leverage this smarter, more scalable approach you need to become a data-driven organisation, bring agility to your legacy systems, and establish a capability for continuous innovation. 

We accelerate and derisk your strategic journey, empowering you to drive ongoing value in a constantly evolving, data-driven, and highly collaborative business environment. 

Mobile device showing augmented reality application in retail store

Accelerate your retail transformation with Zühlke

  • Delight customers with omnichannel commerce experiences

    Craft compelling retail experiences that delight customers across non-linear, omnichannel journeys. Increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty with embedded user-centred design and a capability for continuous customer value creation.

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  • Transform data into business knowledge and competitive advantage

    Apply data to improve decision making and automate processes along the entire value chain – from production to sales. Our specialists break down knowledge silos and turn your data into actionable insight that delivers ongoing value.

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  • Bring agility, scale, and security to your critical systems and tech platforms

    Scalable tech architecture is the backbone of retail innovation. Bring agility and flexibility to your infrastructure and legacy systems to meet changing customer needs, powering today and tomorrow's innovation opportunities.

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  • Optimise your products and processes for performance and sustainability gains

    Automate and digitalise your processes, improving performance and reducing the environmental impact of your products and services to meet growing sustainability requirements.

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Our multidisciplinary teams empower you to rethink the customer journey, with a focus on adaptation to anticipate and address the evolving needs and expectations of your shoppers. 

  • Embed experience design processes, methodologies, and best practices to ensure every team across your digital and physical product development lifecycle is connected to and solving real customer needs.  
  • Seamlessly integrate physical and digital touchpoints to serve changing customer behaviours and journeys.  
  • Craft immersive and personalised omni retail experiences that nurture loyalty – from product discovery, to customer support and beyond. 
  • Creatively and effectively ideate, test, and validate ways to enhance the customer experience (CX) with emerging technologies and channels – from VR to the metaverse. 

We helped a retail tech company to develop an MVP for a check-out free smart store. Our system combines RFID, smart inventory management, mobile payments, and an app to transform the shopping experience and drive efficiencies in store management and the flow of goods. 

Develop a data strategy and platform that enables your organisation to operate efficiently, compete effectively, and navigate the future. 

  • Evaluate, scale, and operationalise value-add AI solutions and machine learning use cases to drive productivity, accelerate time to market, and transform customer service. 

  • Employ data and machine learning to automate and continually optimise your pricing, promotions, and customer engagement strategy.  

  • Develop a data ecosystem that enables seamless and secure data flow between your teams, departments, and partner organisations to unlock mutual value and co-innovation opportunities. 

  • Combine and apply diverse datasets and customer insight to uncover new customer problems to solve. 

Discover how we helped Swisscom establish a data management solution that’s powerful, scalable, and highly secure.

Discover how we stablised a business critical system for Switzerland’s largest retail company and supermarket chain.

  • Unlock agility, competitive advantage, efficiencies, and superior performance with lean and digitised business processes. 
  • Validate and simplify the product innovation journey to bring a new product to market, or transform your existing product into a category leader.  
  • Assess and reduce the environmental impact of your production processes and supply chain to meet  sustainability goals, regulatory requirements, and rising customer expectations.  
  • Develop a strategic capability for innovation, with the capabilities, processes, and infrastructure you need to safely experiment, test, and validate new business models and product innovations. 

Discover how modernising its ecommerce platform and legacy systems enabled Vestiaire Collective to bring pre-loved fashion to a new market.

Migros safeguards the omnichannel shopping experience 

Discover how we’re helping Migros Group – Switzerland’s largest retail company, supermarket chain, and employer – to transform information security with the help of a robust framework for governance and compliance risk. 

Co-op Funeralcare transforms software delivery

With our help, the UK’s largest funeral retailer transformed the performance of its delivery teams, boosting online transactions by 1,400%. Meanwhile, Co-op Group has appointed Zühlke to provide a dedicated software engineering team to support the retail group’s 110+ engineering team. 

co-op funeralcare sign on a building

Swisscom Shop migrates to secure and flexible in-store data management

With our help, Swisscom safely migrated from an outdated legacy system to a new in-store data management solution that’s powerful, scalable, and highly secure.

swisscom shop

Vestiaire Collective brings sustainable luxury fashion to Asia

Zühlke enabled pre-loved fashion brand Vestiaire Collective to create a modern ecommerce platform, transform its legacy systems, and expand into the East Asia market

Cropped image of customer photographing dress with smart phone in boutique

Migros rapidly stabilises business-critical software

Our software specialists performed open-heart surgery to stabilise the POS system for Migros. 

'Zühlke helps us solve our biggest challenges'.

Rainer Baumann Group COO Migros (IT, Digital, Engineering & Supply Chain) 

shopping cart in supermarket
Contact person for Switzerland

Denis Kolmanic

Engagement Manager Retail & Omnichannel

Denis Kolmanic is a business information scientist and state-certified retail assistant with over 20 years of experience in the retail industry. He has experience in sales, marketing and eCommerce and has already been responsible for global omnichannel projects. At Zühlke, he is accountable for the Commerce & Retail sector. The successful combination of processes and technology to solve problems in partnership with all parties involved forms the basis for his daily motivation.

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Contact person for Germany

Jens von der Brelie

Managing Director ICP Germany & Partner

Jens von der Brelie has extensive experience in product development, product management and sales in the industrial sector. He has over 30 years experience in plant engineering, automation technology, building technologies, and the consumer goods industry. He joined Zuhlke in 2011, and currently leads our Industrial and Consumer Products division. He has a degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig where he specialised in data technology.

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Contact person for United Kingdom

Adam Cole

Business Development Manager

Adam Cole is a business development executive who enjoys building partnerships, understanding partners’ biggest challenges, shaping their strategic vision and delivering value through Zuhlke’s many solution offerings. An honest, passionate team player who always puts the client first and is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to build meaningful solutions that make a real difference.  

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Contact person for Austria

Andreas Pfleger

Managing Director ICP, Austria

Andreas Pfleger combines his knowledge of industry and IT to ensure solution-oriented business development in the manufacturing and machinery sectors. He is Zühlke Austria’s Head of Industry and Consumer Products. Motivated by a passion for industrial digital transformation, he focuses his efforts on driving the potential of Austrian industry forward. As a senior project manager, he has managed national and international onsite, nearshore, and offshore software development projects in various sectors.

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Contact person for Hong Kong

Connie Yeung

Business Development Manager

Connie oversees the Insurance and other key business verticals in Hong Kong. She has over 10 years of experience working in both Finance and IT industry, supporting a wide range of organisations including Fortune 500 clients. With that, she has gained extensive insight into how enterprises can create better business outcomes with digital innovation. Connie is also active in foundations supporting initiatives on women leadership and women in IT.

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