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Health Apps (DiGAs) and Care Apps (DiPAs) on prescription bring enormous opportunities for patients and our entire healthcare system.

With DiGAs and DiPAs established medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies can get closer to patients and providers, implement digital, data-driven business models, create a strong competitive advantage and create new revenue streams. 

You are looking for a trusted partner to develop innovative digital health solutions or to mitigate risk of ongoing projects?

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Zühlke is your strategic partner for the development of DiGAs and DiPAs - from the initial idea to approval and operation. Either by co-development with startups or by creating your own digital solutions from scratch - with us you minimize your risks and optimize time-to-market. Like this, you can expand your existing portfolio quickly and securely by digital, patient-centric solutions and establish holistic therapy solutions.

Team Zühlke have worked with us as a core part of our team to deliver the NHS Covid-19 app in a matter of months. They have brought to life a product that provides a daily benefit to the user as well as contact tracing.
Simon Thompson
Managing Director of the NHS Covid-19 app

DiGAs and DiPAs are considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs in the digitalization of the German healthcare system. But for a lot of companies, some quite important questions remain unanswered:

  • How can you benefit from this trend as an established Medtech or Pharma company?
  • What is the best approach when developing new digital offerings?
  • What (regulatory) obligations and risks need to be considered?
  • What are the most promising business cases?
  • How can you ensure a successful collaboration with innovative ‘Tech’ partners?

To answer questions like these, it is helpful to have an experienced partner who approaches digital health innovation holistically.

You are looking for a trusted partner to develop innovative digital health solutions or to mitigate the risk of ongoing projects?

At Zühlke, we develop DiGAs and DiPAs in a user-centric way (following UX/CX best practices) which are based on cutting-edge technologies (e.g. AI, Federated Learning, Augmented Reality or Blockchain). We meet the high regulatory requirements to develop DIGAs and DIPAs as medical devices according to MDR and FDA and bring in a deep market understanding to develop solid business cases.