Transform value creation with lean digital experience design, development, and delivery

Solve complex business problems and reimagine how you discover and deliver value to customers, with agile digital experience design, development, and delivery. 

A strategic capability for continuous change and innovation 

In a world where change is the only constant, people-centered experience design and delivery provides a strategic capability for meeting that change head on. 

Your organisation must contend with volatile business environments, evolving customer expectations, disrupted value chains, and other layers of complexity. 

But with embedded experience design and lean delivery, you can turn complexity into opportunity and lead disruptive change. 

Principled product thinking and human-centred design and delivery methods are critical for solving complex problems as they evolve – and connecting your teams to real customer and business needs. 

At Zühlke, we empower your organisation to solve your biggest problems, transform your digital experience, and reimagine how you discover and deliver sustainable value to you and your customers. 

Unlock the strategic value of design for business growth and innovation

Failing to realise the strategic value of experience design can mean wasted digital investments, disconnected customer experiences, lost competitive ground, and missed opportunities to grow and innovate. 

With Zühlke’s strategists, designers, agile developers, and accessibility specialists at your side, you can ensure ROI, accelerate time to market, and delight audiences with digital experiences that deliver lasting commercial and customer value. 

End-to-end value creation

  • Digital experience design

    Shape compelling digital experiences that delight people and deliver impact against your strategic goals.

    Benefit from our rich experience and heritage in UX design, design thinking, user research, interaction design, visual design, design systems, information architecture, and usability testing.

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  • Agile development & delivery

    Embed experience design thinking and methodologies into rapid, iterative development and delivery processes and product lifecycles.

    Ensure critical alignment between design, research, and technical implementation teams to minimise risk and costs and accelerate time to market and value delivery.

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  • Rapid mobile app development

    Design and deliver high-quality mobile apps that delight users, meet complex business needs, and comply with regulation and accessibility requirements.

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Digital experience design

  • Gain a deep understanding of the problem space, business domain, needs, and constraints. 
  • Ensure user needs and technical solutions go hand-in-hand. 
  • Collaboratively define a viable product vision with alignment across key business, governance, and technical stakeholders.  
  • Validate the product vision with iterative prototyping and user testing. 
  • De-risk innovation initiatives and ensure accessibility and compliance are baked into product design and delivery. 
  • Continuously improve and optimise your digital experience, with ongoing insight and feedback on the design and UX. 


Agile development & delivery

  • Seamlessly integrate product thinking and human-centred design into development, delivery, and optimisation processes. 
  • Transform linear workflows and remove friction caused by handover between different teams and capabilities. 
  • Ensure a collective understanding of technical constraints and user needs to build the right products for your market. 
  • Achieve incremental, iterative, and collaborative product development focused on continuous value delivery.    
  • Ensure quality, from ideation to product delivery.  

Rapid mobile app development

  • Provide an intuitive, compelling, and accessible mobile app experience. 
  • Ensure your application architecture supports flexible feature delivery, toggling, and short delivery cycles, which include design, development, and testing.  
  • Make sure governance and regulatory compliance is built into your platforms and processes. 
  • Enable iterative experience optimisation, scalability, localisation, and multi-language support. 
  • Build automation and tooling for rapid and continuous testing, release, and app store deployment. 

Wellbeing platform accelerates product innovation with experience design 

With our help, wellbeing platform LiveWell seamlessly integrated agile delivery and experience design, which was critical to the success of the product. 

digital health management platform, LiveWell by Zurich
Picture of Martin Jahn, CTO LiveWell by Zurich
' Our collaboration with Zühlke creates genuine added value. Our Zühlke colleagues enrich our own teams with the expertise they bring to the table. '
Martin Jahn
Chief Technology Officer & Member of the Executive Board, LiveWell by Zurich

We approach products as problems to solve

We approach products as problems to solve, not features to deliver. Our multidisciplinary teams build a deep understanding of your problem space and ensure you build the right thing, and build it right. We accelerate and de-risk innovation cycles with a customer-focused framework that ensures you remain focused on solving real business and customer problems as they evolve.

Culture shapers

Design is not just a strategic capability. It’s a mindset and culture. Our people help you evangelise experience design and embed new ways of thinking and working across the organisation. Establish the culture, skills, and tools your teams need to succeed, long after we’re gone.

End to end

Benefit from seamless collaboration and a multidisciplinary team with everything you need to realise value from your idea or product innovation. We bring your ideas to life and support you throughout the product lifecycle.

Lean and agile

Unlock the strategic potential of experience design and ensure early and lasting value from your product initiatives. We use lean prototyping, agile delivery methods, and rapid feedback loops to accelerate innovation initiatives and enable you to adopt a continuous improvement mindset.


Our people have extensive experience in shaping products, services, and solutions that must meet complex regulatory requirements and the highest standards in accessibility.

Outcomes led

We employ continuous customer insight and testing to replace assumptions with evidence and ensure validated decision making, every step of the product journey.

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Data fuels innovation. That’s why we put data at the heart of everything we do.

Contact person for Switzerland

Christian Moser

Chief of Digital Experience & Partner

Christian Moser joined Zühlke in 2005 and is Chief of Digital Experience & Partner. He is a technology enthusiast and a passionate designer. Technology trends are fascinating him. They have the power to transform our lives and society. 

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Contact person for United Kingdom

Davide Aldrovandi

Head of Digital Experience

Davide Aldrovandi is a Head of Digital Experience, at Zuhlke since March 2016. He has a BA in History of Art and worked as software engineer before moving in Project management and Agile and Life Coaching. He worked in a number of industries such as sport and live events, insurance and finance. His main area of expertise includes coaching and building high-performance teams.

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Irfan Suleman

Former Head of Digital Experience
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Contact person for Germany

Tobias Rudolphi

Head of Software Excellence

Tobias is a software architect, consultant and technical leader with over 25 years of experience. Interested in the relationship between scientific thinking and creativity in the development of innovative ideas, he enjoys working in agile environments with people from diverse backgrounds. As Head of Software Excellence for Zühlke Germany, he is responsible for building a world-class software engineering team capable of delivering great digital products and services.

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Contact person for Austria

Andrija Ljubojevic

Head of Software Excellence

Andrija Ljubojevic manages the Software Excellence division at Zühlke Austria. In this role, his aim is to build up skills for the world of tomorrow and make the most of existing expertise to help our customers negotiate the digital transformation journey towards innovation. As a software architect, he is very keen to align people and technology with business objectives. To this end, he takes an interdisciplinary approach in which software architecture, development, automation, and quality assurance are inextricably linked to provide a superb customer experience.

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