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Welcome to Data Today with Dan Klein

We're living in a world of opportunities. But to fully realise them, we have to reshape the way we innovate. We need to stop siloing data, ring-fencing knowledge, and thinking in traditional value chains.

That's what this podcast is about. Every two weeks, we take a look at data outside the box. 

Join us to learn how inspiring individuals from diverse fields and industries are transforming the way they work with data to realise their greatest opportunities.

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New episodes

#7: Data transformation, with Heather Savory

When moving and transforming data, how do you make sure it retains its accuracy?

That's the question that drives today’s guest, Heather Savory. Heather has 30-years of experience in both the public and private sector. She currently holds Non-Executive Director roles in the UK Parliament and Ministry of Justice and was previously the Director General for Data Capability at the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

We discuss connecting siloed data sources, how to communicate the importance of data with the public and the benefits of sharing data.

#6: Data for cultural preservation, with LeRonn Brooks

Properly archiving cultural history is essential to the spotlighting of marginalised voices from the past. But how do you go about preserving this data for generations to come?

LeRonn Brooks is the Associate Curator for Modern and Contemporary Collections at Getty Research Institute, which recently acquired the entire back catalogue of the legendary Jet and Ebony magazines. The collection at Getty “is regarded as one of the most significant and substantial collections of Black American culture in the 20th century”.

We discuss LeRonn’s deep personal connection to his work, communicating data points through storytelling and  the human stories behind the data points and what it means to be a protagonist in the history of art.

#5: Data in the marine industry, with Kevin Daffey

Nothing creates more data than international trade. But how do you navigate the complexities that come with transporting goods around the world?

Today’s guest is Kevin Daffey, Vice President Governmental Engineering & Marine Automation at Rolls-Royce Business Unit Power Systems. 

We discuss Kevin’s impressive career, the vast flows of information that are required to keep the marine industry moving, and how shipping can reach net zero.

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#4: Data and inclusive technology, with Isabelle Mauro

Digital inclusivity is vital in creating a fairer world. But how do you find a way to connect billions of people? 

Isabelle Mauro, former Head of Information, Communications and Technology Industries at the World Economic Forum, has spent her career in telecommunications building relationships between sectors to help marginalised communities come online and grow. 

We discuss Isabelle’s formative experience connecting women in Bangladesh through SMS, why it’s so important that we promote digital inclusivity as part of ESG metrics, and how we can incentivise businesses to do more for those in need.

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#3: Data in the music industry, with Bryan Calhoun

Curious how data is used in the music industry? How it helps musicians get paid? This episode is for you!

Bryan Calhoun is a veteran in the industry (working with well-known artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Dead Prez, and others) and has made it his mission to advocate for artists and help them receive fair compensation. As the former VP of SoundExchange, Bryan has used data to distribute digital performance royalties for sound recordings, and has a long track record of success.

Here he shares his insights on how data can be used to help musicians know their worth and earn what they deserve. We also explore the importance of stringent record keeping and how it can benefit both artists and the industry as a whole.

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#2: Data transparency and education, with Anne Thielen

Ethical questions around technology and data are nothing new. But should organisations be more transparent with the public? Does the public even want to be educated about data?

These are the thought-provoking questions raised by today’s guest, Anne Thielen, R&D Manager, Health Technology Solutions at Sonova AG.

We learn about Anne's background as a technologist, and explore the current challenges facing the medical field when it comes to data. Join us as we explore the fascinating topic of The Internet of Humans and the difficult conversations we need to be having about data ethics.

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#1: Data for the public good, with Tom Smith

Data is the lifeblood of the public sector. But how do you ensure you're using data responsibly for the public good? 

That's been a career-long battle for today's guest, Tom Smith, whose full job title (it's a big 'un!) is: Director, Spatial Data Unit, Chief Data Officer, Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

We discuss Tom's career, his journey, and the art of using data to cut through external noise and political pressure to improve the lives of millions.

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