Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out how we, as teams and as a company, ensure that our behaviour towards individuals, institutions, and other companies is exemplary and ethically sound. The Code of Conduct sets out the legal and internal limits within which we operate. In doing so, it helps ensure that we enjoy long-term, enduring success. 

We differentiate between:

Zühlke is more than just a business, more than an employer, more than an innovation service provider.

We aspire to make positive and lasting contribution to society. That’s why we do our utmost to ensure that we are an attractive, forward-looking employer.

It's why, day in, day out, we put our heart and soul into ensuring that the projects we work on are a source of mutual success for both ourselves and our clients. And that's why more and more companies are placing their trust in us as their business innovation partner to help them along the road towards a successful future.  

Since Zühlke’s foundation in 1968, our actions have been guided by a clear set of values: customer success, outstanding performance, courage, and integrity. We always conduct ourselves in a manner that's fair and correct, and we support each other in remaining true to our convictions, even in the most challenging situations. These values, together with a culture of openness and innovation, are what make us unique and what set us apart from our competitors.  

Philipp Sutter and Fabrizio Ferrandina

Our code of conduct principles

Integrity in doing business

Our business conduct is based on fairness, professionalism, and respect. We unreservedly and unconditionally adhere to applicable laws and binding regulations. We do not tolerate any corruption and will refuse any business opportunity that involves any form of bribery.  

Protection of assets

We strictly safeguard the value of our research and development efforts and the reputation of the Group and our brand. We accept the legitimate right of business partners to do the same. 


Our collaboration within the company is based on trust, with the goal to create the best environment for each of us to perform, innovate, and develop. We follow standards of behaviour so that no one is treated unfairly, discriminated against, harassed, or exposed to other unprofessional behaviours. 

Social and environmental responsibility

We fully respect and support human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We commit to the protection of the environment and its biodiversity and taking action against climate change in the interest of current and future generations. We develop products for our clients in accordance with the legal, regulatory, and industrial standards concerning safety and health requirements. 

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Do you have a concern? 

If you suspect any misconduct or unethical behaviour, please contact Adrian Dudle, Group General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer: