Strategic Partnership

Accelerate time to value with the Mendix low-code platform

Empower your teams to create critical enterprise software – quickly and seamlessly – with Mendix, a Gartner approved leader in low-code platforms.


Benefit from our extensive experience with Mendix

Drive tangible value from your Mendix applications and initiatives with an experienced Mendix low-code partner. With a laser focus on your strategic goals, Zühlke closes the gaps between your people, processes, platforms, and portfolios to ensure early and ongoing impact from your Mendix investments. Our holistic approach emphasises process optimisation and human-centred solutions, empowering your teams to develop applications that scale with the business and drive ongoing value – for you and your customers. 

Collaborate with an experienced Mendix partner

  • Accelerate time to value with our holistic support

    Create and implement Mendix applications, fast, with a focus on time to value and long-term adaptability. Develop a strategy for embedding low-code applications within your application landscape. Leverage our expertise on the best use and roll-out of Mendix technology and applications.

  • Test and learn with rapid prototyping

    Validate ideas quickly with our experienced Mendix specialists. We help you build and iterate functional prototypes and proof-of-concepts, fast. Save time and resources by visualising, testing, and refining solutions before you commit to full-scale development.

  • Delight users with our customer-centric approach

    Prime your Mendix low-code applications for success with our customer-centric approach. Connect every team and development stage to real user needs, behaviours, and pain points. For intuitive applications that delight customers, drive adoption, and boost satisfaction.

  • Drive efficiencies with process automation

    Streamline workflows, improve productivity, and eliminate manual tasks. Our Mendix specialists assess your business processes to uncover automation opportunities. We use the platform’s extensive, low-code capabilities to identify impactful ways to drive operational efficiencies.

  • Develop solutions that scale with your needs

    Design and develop applications that grow with your business and support your long-term goals. Our teams create modular applications that flex and scale to serve fluid business environments, changing business needs, and evolving customer expectations.

  • Maximise adoption with the right training and support

    Ensure strong and sustained user adoption with effective, people-first change management and communications. Our people help you demonstrate the user and business value of your Mendix applications, with the training and support to ensure early and ongoing impact.

Explore the Mendix low-code platform

Mendix enables you to build custom enterprise software – effectively and efficiently. The low-code development platform offers a rich library of components, templates, and reusable modules, empowering you to design, develop, deploy, and manage web and mobile applications, fast. With the ability to extend your applications as needed with code snippets, the options are limitless.

  • Simplify the application lifecycle, making it accessible to both professional developers and those with limited coding expertise. 
  • Enable seamless collaboration between business and IT teams.
  • Create apps that flex and scale to serve your changing needs.
  • Accelerate digital transformation with shorter time to value.
  • Manage and optimise the entire application lifecycle.
  • Join the dots with a platform that integrates with your existing systems and data sources.
Preview of Offerta App created with Lowcode

Mendix partnership cuts time to run critical process by 30-50%

Swiss health insurance company SWICA chose Zühlke as its Mendix partner to digitise a critical business process: generating insurance quotes. With our help, SWICA replaced the legacy quote generation process with a user-friendly, low-code application, reducing the time to generate quotes by 30-50%.

hand holding various colored pills

Mendix collaboration turns ailing platform into value-add product

MediQ runs a platform for drug interaction checks, helping people ensure drug combinations are safe. With the help of our Mendix low-code specialists and cloud consultants, MediQ transformed its aging platform into a modern, scalable, user-friendly product.

a woman on the phone and sitting in front of her laptop

Mendix-powered portal cuts costs and boosts efficiency

Discover how we helped real estate firm Alfred Müller AG to cut costs, streamline operations, and improve customer service with a Mendix-powered portal.

Silvan Stich
Contact person for Switzerland

Silvan Stich

Head of Low-Code

Silvan Stich has taken on the role of Head of Application Platforms as of January 2022. His focus is on team leadership and he is responsible for the development and advancement of the Application Platforms topic within the Cloud Practice. Silvan gained experience with application platforms as a project manager in various projects and bid phases. The great flexibility paired with fast implementation inspires him for the technologies.

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