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Medical Grade Device Connectivity

Medical Grade Device Connectivity
  • An international medical technology company wants to better connect its devices in order to offer better products and services. 
  • Zühlke provided a comprehensive concept for the new system to be developed. 
  • A structured approach consisting of workshops and interdisciplinary know-how ensures a secure basis for further development.

Connecting medical devices is the key to improve products and offer new services. Zühlke delivered a complete concept of the system to be developed.

Adding connectivity

A global medical company wanted to improve their products and offer new services by adding connectivity to their devices. The company needed to decide on the technology and architecture to be used while keeping safety and security in mind. Zühlke was the right partner to set up a sustainable concept for the further development.  

Threat analysis and technology assessment

The project started with several workshops to shape the use cases and to define the system interactions. Based on this input, security expert at Zühlke performed a threat analysis. Zühlke evaluated the gained information and provided a software, security and system architecture proposal as well as a technology assessment. 

Safe and secure basis for further development

The result is a complete concept of the system to be developed. The structured approach with sequential workshops and a variety of involved experts guaranteed a safe and secure basis for further development.

Bardia Zanganeh
Contact person for Switzerland

Bardia M. Zanganeh

Director Business Development

Bardia M. Zanganeh serves leading healthcare institutions on all technology agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include digital innovation, business model transformation and product innovation. He has a background in engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich. He is driven by the positive impact of technology to reimagine healthcare for better patient outcomes.