Medical Device & Healthcare

The MedTech and healthcare industries want to use digital technologies to deliver more complete patient journeys. For MedTech companies, this means branching out from devices for physicians and patients.

The market is evolving dynamically and as it merges with the digital ecosystems of the future, manufacturers must develop a more service-oriented, patient-focused product roadmap and portfolio.

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They must master new methodologies and digital technologies without negatively impacting their core business. And they must acquire expertise in multiple disciplines – from ideation to series production, hardware to software, agile methods to new business models, and electronics to AI.

Zühlke has the interdisciplinary expertise to help you develop ambitious and innovative medical devices and software of all kinds. Our digital specialists help build and connect those devices, and develop appealing front ends, including smartphone apps. By leveraging health data and AI technologies, we generate valuable insights for your business. In this way, we bridge the gap between your current medical devices and the comprehensive patient journeys of the digital future.

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More Speed, Less Risk

From Initial Idea to Market Impact

Despite increased global competition and faster innovation cycles, MedTech companies can continue to excel in their core businesses. But when time-to-market is critical and knowledge gaps pose significant risks, the development of medical-grade products is no easy feat. It requires multi-disciplinary experience and proven processes.  

With more than 50 years of experience in the medical market, Zühlke offers just that. We orchestrate experts in mechanics, electronics and software in well-oiled project teams to develop state-of-the-art devices for the global MedTech and healthcare market. Our comprehensive service includes design control, risk management and GxP-compliant production support. To make post-market surveillance and maintenance much easier, we also help you connect your products to the rest of the world – in full accordance with the applicable standards and regulations. 

As innovation and product cycles pick up speed, our turnkey approach delivers marketable products quickly and safely – to help keep your business ahead of the pack.  

Higher Modularity, Lower Cost

Managing Complexity for Global Success

Fast-growing competitors pose a threat to incumbent MedTech companies. These new players are increasingly innovative, despite maintaining their cost advantages and pricing structures. At the same time, the regulatory demands on new medical products continue to rise. This makes it increasingly difficult for incumbents to break into new markets.   

Zühlke helps you manage these complex challenges as you develop a portfolio to face down all comers. With the help of our SMEs, you can establish modular system architectures that differentiate products for different markets as well as update-and-upgrade concepts that enhance product longevity. As a Zühlke partner, you benefit from our in-depth understanding of the entire development lifecycle and our value engineering (cost reduction) methodology, in addition to our regulatory and technological expertise. With the state-of-the-art, cost-effective and compliant medical products we build together, you’ll be best positioned to succeed in dedicated – and highly competitive – global markets.

The Data-Driven Patient Journey

Enriching Treatments with Insights

Data-driven innovation can deliver improved prevention, prediction and treatment. This presents MedTech companies with an opportunity – to successfully guide patients along a patient journey that optimises visits to physicians and hospitals. But a data-driven approach depends on smart investment decisions, which require a solid understanding of patient needs, connected devices, digital biomarkers, wearables, AI-based diagnostics and prediction – as well as secure and compliant cloud architectures integrated into hospital infrastructure.  

Zühlke guides you through the jungle of product definition and digital technologies. As your expert partner, we give you access to multi-disciplined teams and proven engineering methods – including user and customer-experience prototypes. By helping you make the right investments at the right time, we ensure your patient-centred, data-driven ecosystem is a business success.

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Take The Lead

By Designing the Future of Value-Based Healthcare

In addition to patient safety, governments and health insurers are increasingly focused on value-based healthcare and reliant on measurable therapy outcomes to keep health budgets under control. In response, MedTech companies that aim to provide holistic solutions must first embrace the collection of sensitive data via direct-to-consumer applications, which can monitor patients and therapies in real time.  

If you want to lead the future of value-based healthcare, Zühlke will help you invent it. We have the expertise to create novel solutions on your behalf – from developing the business model and an appealing user experience to building medical-grade apps and secure, connected devices that support AI-based data evaluation. This enables you to proactively support new reimbursement models for healthcare providers, pharma, payers and governments as well as, ultimately, for patients themselves. 

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Add More “Digital” to Your Products

By Leveraging Your Sensors 

Personalised healthcare and diagnostics requires sophisticated biosensors and biomarkers. Consumer devices have a decisive role to play in the collection and meaningful analysis of these data – in the form of diagnostics, predictions and patient guidance. Medical-grade software and stand-alone medical applications can enhance existing consumer products, by incorporating the user-centricity developed and practiced by Big Tech. In this way, MedTech companies can create closed, holistic solutions that build on their existing expertise.  

Zühlke can develop biosensors and automate biological processes as required. With the application of intelligent technologies, we also enable you to leverage your sensor data , giving you real-time control of your devices and ensuring secure connectivity. By offering consumers meaningful information and services, you can generate new revenue streams.  

Jan Horvat Zühlke

Jan Horvat

Senior Business Development Manager and Industry Lead - Digital Healthcare and Life Sciences
Contact person for Germany +49 6196 777 54 454

Jan Horvat has a long track record in several strategic and operational management positions leading international product and software development alliances in the pharmaceutical and in various tech-industries. Together with his team, he is passionate about guiding healthcare clients to establish health-tech and digital business innovations along their patient´s and enterprise value chains. 

Albert Frömel Zühlke

Albert Frömel

Industry Lead Health & Life Sciences
Contact person for Austria +43 1 205 11 6857

Albert Frömel is responsible for the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector in Austria He draws on years of experience with leading national and international health institutions. In doing so, he actively helped shape the solution to the most important digital challenges. His focus is on digital transformation, new intelligence systems and data-driven ecosystems. Together with his team, he empowers his clients to improve patient health outcomes, modernize work environments and ensure future-proof business models. Albert Frömel completes his technical education with a degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and regularly gives lectures at conferences.

Bardia Zanganeh

Bardia M. Zanganeh

Senior Business Development Manager
Contact person for Switzerland +41 43 216 6788

Bardia M. Zanganeh is responsible for the Life Sciences and Healthcare practice in Switzerland. He serves leading healthcare institutions on all technology agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include digital innovation, business model transformation and product innovation. He also serves providers as well as medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. He has a background in engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich.

Zühlke Alan Moratelli

Alan Moratelli

Director Business Development
Contact person for United Kingdom +44 20 7113 5314 

Alan Moratelli is a business development executive with 25 years of BPO experiences in the International domain, partnering some of the biggest enterprise names to deliver real value into operations, service and customer experience initiatives. Transformational growth and innovation at scale remains the source of his passion, aligned with the premise of ‘customer first’ at the core of all stakeholder centric activities. His innovation and tech savvy mindset supports opportunities to apply meaningful solutions, reimagined to both traditional and new world challenges.

Thomas Meyer Zühlke

Thomas Meyer

Senior Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Singapore +65 6631 8916

Having a PhD in Technology from ETH Zurich, Thomas Meyer has a strong background in balancing business development and finding solutions in IT and Tech environments. He has worked as a project manager in several healthcare projects. He is looking forward to support healthcare clients in Asia in their digital transformation journey. 

Zühlke Polina Milashevskaya

Polina Milashevskaya

Business Development Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong +852 3008 8240

Based in Hong Kong for over 7 years, Polina  Milashevskaya has worked across different sectors and founded her own successful startup. With her cross-industry work experience, she works closely with clients to drive business development for Zühlke in Hong Kong. Polina believes that innovation paves the way for a better world and contributes with passion to the success of customers on their digitalisation journeys. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management, with an MBA degree from CUHK specialising in China Business.