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Requirements in the area of medical technology are becoming increasingly complex. With Zühlke as a partner, manufacturers can modernise their processes and products with the help of digital, data-driven technologies. In this way, your medical devices can become the central element of the patient journey.

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Fast, efficient route to product launch

Interdisciplinary expertise and well-oiled processes are becoming ever more important for successful product development. They enable medical technology companies to compete in the marketplace in the face of ever shorter innovation cycles – and reduce time to market.

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Modular architecture enables global success

Competing in global markets is increasingly important, but imposes a significant regulatory burden. Medical device development is becoming ever more complex. A modular system architecture facilitates the development of products for different markets and enables sophisticated update and upgrade systems that future-proof your products.

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Getting it right on technology investments

Penetration of new technologies depends on many different decisions – for example where you focus your development budget. Interdisciplinary teams and proven engineering techniques can help you find your way through the jungle of product definitions and digital technologies.

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Value-based healthcare – a big opportunity

What effect has a treatment actually had? For medtech companies, this question is increasingly important. It’s clear that value-based healthcare will require secure medical apps and connected devices. First-movers can expect to realise significant competitive advantages, for example through innovative new payment models.

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Biometric sensors for personalised therapy

Personalised medicine needs data – data from sources such as advanced biometric sensors. Pioneering medical technology companies are also using medical apps to collect data and thereby developing novel, integrated solutions offering genuine benefits for patients and new revenue streams for providers.

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Medical technology companies increasingly have to compete in international markets while at the same time dealing with ever shorter innovation cycles. Time to market is a key factor for successful products – and knowledge gaps represent a serious risk. To realise rapid, reliable product development, companies need well-oiled, tried and tested processes and interdisciplinary expertise.

With over 50 years of medical technology experience, that’s exactly what Zühlke offers. Through our interdisciplinary teams, we provide you with wide-ranging mechanical engineering, electronics and software expertise. We take responsibility for tasks ranging from design controls to implementing risk mitigation measures to GxP-compliant manufacturing support. We can bring connectivity to your products to enable efficient monitoring and remote maintenance while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations.

In an era of ever shorter product and innovation cycles, Zühlke provides everything you need to develop market-ready products quickly and reliably – helping you secure your competitive edge.

Leading life sciences company Eppendorf wanted to boost its innovation capacity and cement its position as a profitable, high growth business. Find out how Zühlke helped them use agile development to boost its commercial efficiency:

New market entrants represent an increasing challenge to established medical device companies. These new players are fast growing, innovative and in some cases enjoy significant cost and price advantages. This challenge is exacerbated by the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for new medical products. This makes it harder for leading European medical device companies to penetrate new markets.

Zühlke can help you overcome these challenges. Our experts can help you build modular system architectures. These architectures create a foundation for developing different products for different markets, and enable the deployment of sophisticated update and upgrade systems to boost the longevity of your products. You also benefit from our in-depth understanding of the overall development cycle, our cost-reducing value engineering methodology, and our regulatory and technology expertise.

The result: innovative, cost-effective, regulatory-compliant medical devices. Ensuring that you’re in perfect shape to succeed in the hard-fought global markets of the future.

From preventive medicine to more accurate disease prognoses to optimised therapies, data-driven innovations are creating new opportunities for medical technology companies to provide patients with better, more individual support. But to be successful in this field, you have to make the right investment decisions. Getting these decisions right requires a sound understanding of connected devices, digital biomarkers, AI diagnostics, regulatory-compliant cloud architectures, wearables, and above all patient need.

Using interdisciplinary teams and proven engineering techniques like UX prototyping, Zühlke guides you through the jungle of product definitions and digital technologies. With Zühlke, you make the right investments at the right time. We make sure your investments produce a positive return and ensure your patient-centric, data-driven ecosystem makes the grade.

Advanced Osteotomy Tools (AOT) developed the world's first medical device to cut bone using a non-contact laser ablation procedure. Learn how Zühlke supported AOT with a deep learning image recognition system and an operational scale data platform:

For governments and health insurers, rising healthcare spending represents a major challenge. They are increasingly demanding evidence that medical products and therapies deliver genuine value. But a value-based healthcare approach is predicated on measurable treatment outcomes. For connected medical technology solutions, real-time collection and analysis of patient and treatment data is therefore becoming more and more important.

Zühlke has the expertise to realise innovative, integrated solutions on your behalf. We provide you with secure medical apps and connected devices that support AI data analysis tools and that users love. We can also draw up and evaluate new business models on your behalf, enabling you to set up innovative payment models for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, public sector organisations and patients.

Individually tailored therapies require highly advanced biometric sensors and biomarkers. End user devices play a key role in collecting and in analysing relevant data – whether for diagnosis, for predicting disease prognosis or for supporting the patient. 

By exploiting the ease of use of familiar devices such as smartphones, medical apps and related software solutions can be used to improve existing products. This enables medical technology companies to use their expertise to create new, standalone, integrated solutions.

We develop biometric sensors for you, enable you to use them intelligently and take care of secure connectivity to enable real-time control of your devices. We also help you use information and services to generate real value for patients, and at the same time develop new revenue streams.

Healios AG develops digital biomarkers to make life easier for multiple sclerosis patients and advance research into the disease. Get the interview with CEO Guilhem Dupont here, the latest company to join the Zühlke Ventures portfolio:

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Aud Frese, Senior Business Development Manager, Zuehlke Germany
Contact person for Germany

Aud Frese

Senior Business Development Managerin

Aud Frese is Senior Business Development Manager and Market Team Leader – Medical Technology & Healthcare Industry in the Zühlke Group. Her focus is on digital innovation, business strategies and product development. Aud Frese has a degree in Medical Informatics and has many years of experience in medical technology and the health sector.

Albert Frömel Zühlke
Contact person for Austria

Albert Frömel

Industry Lead Health & Life Sciences

Together with his team, Albert Frömel helps his clients improve health outcomes for patients, modernise work environments, and future-proof business models. As a Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Lead in Austria, he helps find solutions to key digital challenges. He has years of experience working with leading national and international healthcare organisations.

Bardia Zanganeh, Director Business Development, Zühlke Switzerland
Contact person for Switzerland

Bardia M. Zanganeh

Director Business Development

Bardia M. Zanganeh serves leading healthcare institutions on all technology agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include digital innovation, business model transformation and product innovation. He has a background in engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich. He is driven by the positive impact of technology to reimagine healthcare for better patient outcomes.

calum macleod
Contact person for United Kingdom

Calum Macleod

Director Business Development
Nicolas Lai
Contact person for Singapore

Nicolas Lai

Sector Lead (Health Ecosystem)

Nicolas oversees the Healthcare and MedTech vertical at Zuhlke Singapore. As part of the Business Development team, he works on digital innovation initiatives together with both global and local customers. Nicolas finds joy in helping clients connect the dots, from conceptualisation to creation of exciting products.