How can you access and process siloed data?


How can you build an IT infrastructure to store and handle sensitive data whilst guaranteeing quality, privacy, and security compliance?


How can life sciences and healthcare businesses develop the core competencies needed to turn health data insight into action?

DHPs can allow the life sciences and healthcare industries to overcome these obstacles

But there are many ways to approach DHPs – e.g. should you build or buy a DHP solution?

The Build vs. Buy question

Building, buying and managing systems to support digital health products is a new game for life sciences and healthcare organizations. There are four main routes they can take:


Build an end-to-end platform internally

Affords connectivity and data access but requires significant time, effort, and capital investment. In-house expertise need to be developed to ensure longevity of the platform.


Build a platform with an expert partner (buying non-core capabilities)

Affords the connectivity and data access needed to build an in-house platform. Allows for expert partnerships for non-competencies or specific capabilities.


Buy/partner with a cloud service provider

Makes accessing domain-specific capabilities and appropriate health data sets a challenge. Gives reduced autonomy over ecosystem partner choices.


Partner with a MedTech Platform As A Service provider

Partnering with a MedTech PAAS (Platform As A Service) ensures access to domain specific capabilities. Also affords increased scalability and flexibility.

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Blaise K. Jacholkowski

Principal Business Consultant Pharma & Life Sciences / Digital Health