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The age of blockbusters is over; the solution lies in the 4 Ps: personalised, participatory, preventive and predictive. With Zühlke as your partner, you can boldly drive this development forward – with digital, data-driven solutions that add value for you and your patients.

Upgrading Tech for Personalised Medication and Diagnostics

With a direct line to our households and an unprecedented volume of our personal data, Big Tech businesses represent a big challenge to conventional healthcare companies. Changing expectations exacerbate this situation. Like society as a whole, patients and insurers now expect more individualised health advice and treatment, complementary digital care services, and value-based pricing models. It follows that the digital healthcare market will belong to those companies that successfully combine pharmaceutical know-how and patient centricity with HealthTech and trustworthy data handling.

Zühlke develops medical grade apps and devices that get medication and diagnostics fit for the future of personalised healthcare. We offer extensive experience in developing large-scale B2C platforms combined with 50 years of medical-grade expertise. With us at your side, you can gain – and maintain – leadership of your digitalised industry. Find out how we supported Chugai Pharmaceuticals launch new digital services in Europe with a range of strategic action plans.

Pharmaceutical company Chugai wanted to launch new digital services in Europe. Zühlke developed a range of strategic action plans. Learn how we walked the talk!

Secure Digital Solutions Build Patient Trust

Machine learning technologies analyze big healthcare data including omics and real-world patient data to help the pharmaceutical industry speed up processes and create new products and services.

Zühlke experts develop secure digital platforms that offer the industry legitimate access to the required large and meaningful volume of anonymous health data. We create positive digital experiences for patients – not least by putting them in control of their data – which helps build trust in pharmaceutical companies. Our approach combines behavioural science, user-centric healthcare apps for patients and cutting-edge technology like federated learning with superior data security. 

The AO Foundation and Zühlke codeveloped solutions for the semantic segmentation of spine computed tomographies (CTs) based on cutting edge and privacy preserving AI methodology. Learn how we walked the talk!

Digital Therapeutics with Software as a Medical Device

Even well-established medical treatments can have serious side effects and put a considerable burden on patients. Digital therapeutics have huge potential to meet these unmet medical needs and challenges – for example in treating mental diseases.

We can design, develop and run your digital therapeutics idea. Our software as a medical device (SaMD) solutions support – or even replace – existing diagnostics and therapies. For pharma companies, this opens up new customer segments as well as business and revenue models that are highly scalable. Compared to traditional treatments, digital therapeutics are faster and easier to distribute worldwide. We help you access this new market by developing patient-centric mobile apps that are safe and compliant with high medical standards such as IEC 62366. 

We can design, develop and run your digital therapeutics idea, like the NHS England and Wales COVID-19 contact tracing app. Learn how we walked the talk!

Measure Patient Outcomes with Smart Connected Sensors

For pharmaceutical innovators, it is no longer enough to present study results that prove the efficacy of a new drug. You must provide irrefutable evidence that demonstrates tangible added value compared to established therapies. In line with value-based reimbursement models, this means measuring patient outcomes in real time.

Zühlke helps you do just that, for example by developing the smart connected sensors you need to collect digital biomarker data. Our solutions conform to strict procedural standards and design control. We build and run production-scale data platforms, and use machine learning to generate valuable information from the data we collect. User-friendly apps make it easy to collect the patient reported outcomes (PRO) required to complete the data sets. 

Connecting medical devices is the key to improve products and offer new services. Zühlke delivered a complete concept of the system to be developed. Learn how we walked the talk!

Accelerate Clinical Trials with Reliable and Secure Technologies

Clinical trials account for up to 50% of R&D spending in the pharmaceutical industry. Complicated enrolment processes and high dropout rates render them inefficient and time-consuming. Digital technologies can help identify the right cohorts and make it easier for subjects to participate – minimising dropout rates and reducing cost.

Our appealing mobile applications, voice assistances and user-friendly portals improve participants’ trial experience, bringing them closer to you – and you closer to the healthcare provider. We apply our AI expertise to generate valuable insights, and the highest security standards to help establish lasting patient trust in your brand.

DHP Whitepaper

Whitepaper "Digital Health Platforms"

The life sciences and healthcare industries are producing an ever increasing amount of data – DHPs hold the key to harnessing it.

Franziska Heinemann Zühlke
Contact person for Germany

Franziska Heinemann

Business Development Associate
Albert Frömel Zühlke
Contact person for Austria

Albert Frömel

Industry Lead Health & Life Sciences

Albert Frömel is responsible for the Healthcare & Life Sciences sector in Austria He draws on years of experience with leading national and international health institutions. In doing so, he actively helped shape the solution to the most important digital challenges. His focus is on digital transformation, new intelligence systems and data-driven ecosystems. Together with his team, he empowers his clients to improve patient health outcomes, modernize work environments and ensure future-proof business models. Albert Frömel completes his technical education with a degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and regularly gives lectures at conferences.

Nicolas Lai
Contact person for Singapore

Nicolas Lai

Head of Health

Nicolas oversees the Healthcare and MedTech vertical at Zuhlke Singapore. As part of the Business Development team, he works on digital innovation initiatives together with both global and local customers. Nicolas finds joy in helping clients connect the dots, from conceptualisation to creation of exciting products.

Bardia Zanganeh
Contact person for Switzerland

Bardia M. Zanganeh

Director Business Development

Bardia M. Zanganeh is responsible for the Life Sciences and Healthcare practice in Switzerland. He serves leading healthcare institutions on all technology agenda issues. His primary areas of focus include digital innovation, business model transformation and product innovation. He also serves providers as well as medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. He has a background in engineering, consulting and entrepreneurship and is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich.

calum macleod
Contact person for United Kingdom

Calum Macleod

Director Business Development