Transforming legacy identity access management with a multinational bank

We worked closely with a global bank to revamp its online banking platform and modernise their identity access management (IAM) system.

  • A multinational bank is looking to revamp its IAM system as a key aspect of delivering a next-generation banking experience to its key markets in Asia 

  • Zühlke works closely with the bank to evaluate and integrate ForgeRock as the new centrally controlled IAM system, integrating it with existing banking systems  

  • Zühlke plays an active role as a lead technology partner, resulting in a seamless and streamlined customer experience across its key markets

Reinventing legacy systems to deliver a next-generation consumer banking experience

Recognised as one of the largest and most influential banking institutions worldwide, the client is a well-established bank with a rich heritage spanning diverse global markets. As part of a global initiative, the bank is seeking to revamp its online banking platform and deliver a next-generation multi-market consumer banking experience for its key markets in Asia.  

A key part of the transformation was to reinvent their existing identity and access management (IAM) system. The previous IAM system consists of legacy systems that were not just costly and challenging to maintain, but also results in fragmented customer experiences across various channels. In addition, there were multiple layers in the existing legacy system, including an API gateway and a cluster of microservices that had to be integrated with the new IAM system.  

Recognising the complexity and scale of this endeavour, the bank needed to work with a trusted advisor with solid expertise in software engineering and building digital banking platforms.  

Zühlke spearheaded the development as a lead technology partner, working closely with the bank to introduce a new IAM system as part of the newly revamped consumer banking app.  

Understanding the solution landscape for effective IAM implementation

To better understand the current IAM landscape and the bank's existing set-up, the team thoroughly assessed the client’s security practices, tools and processes before evaluating the available IAM solutions in the market.  

ForgeRock was identified as the ideal choice for a centrally controlled IAM solution that covered the full identity lifecycle management process complete with a seamless user experience across the customer onboarding journey.  

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Streamlining deployment for enhanced efficiency

After the evaluation, the team collaborates closely with the core banking teams to implement ForgeRock as the new IAM system. The focus was on integrating ForgeRock with the existing APIs and internal banking systems using a custom logic to validate and authorise all requests coming into the system. A customised CI/CD pipeline deploying all ForgeRock components, including custom configurations, was developed to reduce time-to-market. This helped to evaluate the system’s operational readiness and ensure that users could successfully log into the app. 

Lastly, the team worked on implementing ForgeRock’s authentication and authorisation features to existing user accounts and the bank’s legacy systems, ensuring that the solution can be integrated seamlessly with future platforms.  

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Delivering a seamless customer onboarding journey with a modern IAM system

The implementation of ForgeRock as an IAM solution was successful, with the bank achieving a streamlined and cohesive IAM system for its target markets in Asia. The new IAM solution eliminated the challenges associated with maintaining legacy systems, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.  

The seamless migration of existing users to the new app allowed customers to reuse their accounts, enhancing user convenience and minimising disruptions during the transition period. Users can therefore enjoy a seamless onboarding experience with customer registration and login through single sign-on (SSO), transaction signing and biometric authentication delivered by the team.  

The bank can now transform its architecture and solution landscape with streamlined automation on compliance and control processes. 


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