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The financial industry is changing rapidly: digital transformation, smarter data-driven banking, and new radical business models set in ecosystem thinking. Are you ready to outpace the competition?

Zühlke is a global innovation partner. Since 1968, the world’s leading financial services have trusted us to build next-generation digital products and services.

We're engineers, designers and innovation experts who know the banking business — partnering with you from the initial vision through development to deployment, production and operation.

Our Banking Expertise

  • Digital is everything
    Banks must compete with new disruptors, as well as meeting and exceeding rising customer expectations. This impacts how you design, implement, and orchestrate digital and mobile experiences. Customer-centric design, hyper-personalisation, robust security, and smart data application is key to success.
  • Leverage true value of your data
    Your data is a powerful resource. We work with you to futureproof your business model and secure your place in tomorrow’s financial ecosystems. Scale products and services quickly and delight customers with seamless experiences as a data-driven bank.
  • Master the cloud
    Unlock cloud's vast potential to drive innovation and capitalise on new business opportunities and tech advancements. Cloud solutions tailored for the financial services industry enable your organisation to optimise time to market and dramatically improve scalability and operational resilience.
  • Reshape relationship management
    Personalised, face-to-face experiences nurture loyalty and customer satisfaction. Smart data insights ensure the best possible customer advice and save valuable time, freeing up relationship managers to focus on more complex client conversations and opportunities. All while keeping things compliant and transparent.
  • Demystify blockchain and digital assets
    Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is going mainstream. Customers, brands, and investors are exploring practical use cases such as decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT), especially in connection with the metaverse. Partner with Zühlke to cut through the complexity and navigate this digital future together.

Who we work with

Demystifying digital assets & tokenisation in financial services - Panel Discussion

As Singapore transition from traditional finance to a new world of digital finance as a smart nation, blockchain and digital assets have risen to be at the forefront of this evolution. Innovation and technology drives much of the narrative and conversation around digital assets and blockchain, what defines a responsible digital asset ecosystem and the opportunities and challenges for business leaders in financial services? Watch panel discussion featuring thought leaders from Blockchain Association Singapore, BNY Mellon, AsiaNext and Marketnode.

Creating client-centric banking experiences

"In light of changing market conditions and the evolving needs of clients in Asia, it is increasingly imperative for the financial industry to accelerate innovation and digital transformation. Integrated digital advisory platforms such as DiAS will empower relationship managers to manage portfolios efficiently and serve our clients in the region with best-in-class advice and customised solutions."

- Jimmy Lee
Head of Asia Pacific, Julius Baer


Building and scaling digital banks

"Zühlke is a very special kind of innovation partner — in that we really look to them for high quality, high calibre expertise in bringing sustainable innovation to market success. We work together to design, build and launch next-generation solutions like digital banks with Mox in Hong Kong and the new Trust Bank in Singapore."

- Thorsten Neumann
SC Ventures | Standard Chartered

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Ruchi Singhal
Contact person for Singapore

Ruchi Singhal

Financial Services Market Lead

Ruchi is an experienced technologist with over 20 years of IT industry experience working with global financial institutions, enterprises, and start-ups. In her role, Ruchi has led interdisciplinary teams building & supporting successful digital solutions, products, and platforms for the financial services sector. She is passionate about solving complex business problems using innovative digital solutions to transform and grow businesses.