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Personalised digital healthcare app advancing Indonesia's healthcare ecosystem

In collaboration with one of the largest healthcare networks in Indonesia, Zühlke developed a personalised healthcare digital solution — uniquely tailored to address the country’s challenges of access to healthcare facilities and services as well as align with the government’s digital priorities on patient-focused care.

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  • Together with the client, Zühlke designed and developed a digital health solution app for personalised healthcare and lifestyle needs – the first of its kind in the Indonesian market
  • By merging technological expertise with an in-depth understanding of the local market needs, the health ecosystem solution has redefined personalised health, showcasing the transformative impact of technology through integration with services such as chat, chatbot, doctor consultations, and e-pharmacy to provide a holistic experience for the users
  • Over 75% of revenue-generating features were delivered in the first release, through close client collaboration in identifying features that would generate the most value

Driving healthcare initiatives from service to lifestyle companion

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Indonesia is gearing up to digitalise its healthcare ecosystem. In 2022, it launched the One Health programme (Satu Sehat), which aims to build innovation around healthcare and eventually connect the country’s entire healthcare ecosystem to create a reliable national health database.

Zühlke’s partnership with one of the largest healthcare networks in Indonesia aligns with this initiative, developing and launching a digital solution that serves as a personalised healthcare and lifestyle app for users.

The solution was designed to provide users with relevant information that helps them attain optimal health. It prioritises the user experience from a patient-centric viewpoint, ensuring a personalised and bespoke user journey. By harnessing predictive insights based on a holistic review of a user's medical history to individual lifestyle choices, users are able to retrieve their health score, enlightening them of health risks and offering suggestions on how they can improve their health, empowering users to make informed decisions.

This helps the users to focus on preventive care, educate themselves about healthy lifestyle choices, and update them on proper diet and exercises specific to their situation. The users are then incentivised to use the app frequently since the information they receive becomes more personalised over time.

Bridging the gap in Indonesia's healthcare ecosystem

For a majority of the Indonesian population, including those living in far-flung areas, accessing healthcare services from hospitals, clinics, and laboratories can literally be a bridge too far. 

The co-developed solution addresses this challenge, with developed features complementing physical clinics with online services – effectively facilitating accessibility to healthcare services on a holistic level. It provides a convenient transition from offline to online, and vice versa.

The app solution allows patients to schedule consultations and secure laboratory tests they can comfortably do at home. It can facilitate the dispatch of necessary test kits for patients and then enable medical personnel to collect the samples for examination. Patients can book and schedule vaccinations directly and access an e-pharmacy through the app.

Being mindful of different customer personas and journeys, the digital solution does not completely eliminate in-person medical services. Instead of fully shifting services from offline to online, the solution efficiently provides a digital bridge to more convenient offline transactions – depending on the customers' preference. Users who are not comfortable with a fully digital experience can also book an on-site appointment through the app.

Through constant consultation with the client, Zühlke harnessed technology’s power to bridge the gap between people’s need for healthcare services and difficulty accessing physical clinics and laboratories.

Building a patient-centric healthcare solution

Designing a scalable healthcare ecosystem requires an agile development process focusing on end-users.

Zühlke’s value proposition lies in the solution’s dual revenue channel for the client, because of its offline-to-online options. The app solution is cost-effective due to its online services and complementary offline transactions. Our client benefits from diversifying their business operations while simplifying access to healthcare services and improving customer experience for end-users.

The approach to developing the digital solution focused on two main pillars: end-users and business perspectives.

The project embraced a customer-centric approach, with tailored workflows and processes specifically designed to cater to the needs of the app's users. The development stage consists of preparing three core apps with unique workflows for specific user groups: patients, doctors, and administrative users. This ensures that the client would have bespoke solutions built on modernised and scalable technology that addresses the users' needs. 

Adopting an agile development methodology, the team engaged with the project sponsors, product owners, and key stakeholders to understand their strategic business imperatives to determine priorities that would produce the best outcomes. By collaborating with the client to identify features that create the most value, the app delivered over 75% of revenue-generating features in its first release.

The collaboration between the client and Zühlke has successfully delivered a groundbreaking digital healthcare solution in the Indonesian market. By merging technological expertise with an in-depth understanding of the local market needs, the digital solution has redefined personalised health, showcasing the transformative impact of technology in enhancing healthcare and lifestyle experiences.

Delivering strategic digital solutions with expertise

Zühlke’s expertise in digital transformation helps clients scale up and bring new players into the health ecosystem while empowering clients to drive their strategic initiatives. 

The healthcare and lifestyle companion app serves as a gateway to onboard prospective partners into the digital ecosystem. Its strong integration architecture and foundational structure enable seamless expansion with third-party solutions. This empowers the client with scalability, offering ample room for enhancing the app and continually enriching the digital ecosystem to deliver fresh value to their customer base.

Jim Lim
Contact person for Singapore

Jim Lim

Head of Market Unit (Health Ecosystem)

With more than 24 years of ICT industry experience, Jim brings a wealth of experience providing business and strategic advice to clients regionally. Having held various leadership positions across enterprises, Jim was also the founding CEO of Good Doctor Technology. Jim has worked with clients across multiple industry verticals, including healthcare and pharmaceutical. Heading the Health Market Unit at Zühlke Asia, Jim will expand Zühlke’s healthcare expertise and offerings to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in Asia. 

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