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Telemonitoring for high-risk covid patients

Pioneering digital healthcare for the city of Vienna: Keeping an eye on patients' health in a secure and privacy-compliant way with a remote monitoring solution on a scalable platform.

' We have been pursuing the strategy of integrating e-health approaches into our systems for some time now and see telemonitoring as a useful addition to classic medical treatment, offering the possibility of quick and uncomplicated diagnosis and response. With Zühlke, we have found a strong partner to make this change. '
Otto Fraunbaum
Group Head of Architecture at Wien Digital

Initial situation & challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic posed enormous challenges for the health system in Vienna. Infected high-risk patients in self-isolation were in particular need of specialized, attentive care to promptly address any health deterioration they may experience. At the same time, it was important to protect and relieve medical staff as well as to reduce hospital utilisation. 

Approach & Solution

Together with the other project partners, Zühlke developed a remote monitoring solution based on a scalable platform to remotely monitor patients' health. It meets all data protection requirements. Patients received a pulse oximeter and a smartphone app to record their oxygen saturation and pulse. The collected data was transferred via app to a secure cloud and compared with predefined parameters. In case of deviations, the doctors in the clinic received a text notification and could contact the affected patients. 

Result & benefit

Improved patient care and safety: Continuous monitoring and rapid response to anomalies allow for individualised care and give them peace of mind in self-isolation. Early detection of health deterioration and easy communication with patients relieves medical staff and reduces hospital workload. Scalability and scope: The remote monitoring solution is openly scalable and adaptable to a wide range of cardiovascular conditions. This enables a future-proof and broad application in the medical care of the city of Vienna. 

Contact person for Austria

Helmut Taumberger

Managing Director Cross Markets, Austria

With his years of experience and a strong innovative mindset, Helmut Taumberger is digital transformation personified. As a Managing Director Cross Markets in Austria, he is responsible for steering the company’s strategic orientation and development. A qualified engineer, he has worked in the IT sector since 2003 and has lent his substantial expertise to various international businesses. He likes nothing more than coming up with practical strategies and getting people excited about technological change.

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