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Market leadership through product innovation

picture splice closure system

  • Outstanding usability sets new standards and inspires end customers

  • Proprietary product solution guarantees independence from suppliers

  • Connect Com is evolving from a trading firm into a system provider

The expansion of fibre-optic networks is in full swing. The Connect Com splice closure system allows fast, stable and durable connections in communication networks.

Tightness in countless configurations

Splice closures for the construction of fibre-optic networks must work reliably for years under all conceivable environmental and weather conditions. Closures installed in underground shafts should be as maintenance-free as possible. Guaranteeing the permanent tightness of cable inlets (according to IP68) poses the greatest challenge. Up to 100 cables with diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm can be inserted into the closures at the same time. Aside from meeting the purely technical requirements, quick and easy assembly is also a key factor. Sometimes this even determines the competitiveness of the product.

Method and injection moulding expertise achieve the goal

Zühlke supports Connect Com in terms of methodology and technology, from the development of the first system concepts to the verification of the pilot series products. The industrialisation of the product follows the Zühlke process. Zühlke’s engineers support Connect Com in designing and developing all components and in liaising with tool manufacturers and injection moulders.

portrait of Roman Wigger, CEO of Connect Com
' The Zühlke engineers’ innovative ideas and injection moulding technology expertise were important building blocks for our successful market launch. '
Roman Wigger
CEO of Connect Com AG

Innovations lead to breakthroughs

This innovative approach for the new sealing system is developed using a digital image and undergoes many specific test series with the use of prototypes. Finally, the entire product can be designed and developed for production. This product innovation leads to a patented system solution that outperforms existing products in ease of handling and tightness. This sets Connect Com apart from its competitors in a significant way.