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A digital revolution in out-of-home advertising

out-of-home advertising screen in a shop
  • Adtrac’s solution allows customers to target specific audiences with relevant content in digital out-of-home advertising
  • Zühlke worked closely with the startup to get the product on the market
  • The partnership between Adtrac and Zühlke is distinguished by short response times, flexibility, and agility

With its innovative platform, Adtrac is aiming to catapult out-of-home advertising into the digital age. Zühlke guided the startup through the whole process with advice and support to bring it to market maturity.

Data-assisted, digital out-of-home advertising

Adtrac is a joint venture between Advertima, Fortimo, and SPAR. Its aim is to apply the benefits of the digital world to traditional out-of-home advertising. The sensors on the advertising displays enable advertisers to target the audience in front of it with highly relevant content.

portrait of Benjamin Wey, CEO Adtrac
' Thanks to the expertise of Zühlke and our flexible, agile collaboration with them, we are now on the market with a mature, strong product. '
Benjamin Wey
CEO Adtrac

Campaign tool for advertisers

At the heart of the solution lies a technology platform designed specifically for marketing digital out-of-home advertising space. The web-based campaign tool enables advertisers to plan and track their campaigns and get real-time analytics data to improve ad performance.

Flexible, agile collaboration

As a startup, Adtrac’s resources and capacities are still limited. Thanks to the close collaboration with Zühlke, which provided advice and implementation support throughout, it managed to launch the platform in just a few months. The initial version is now being continuously improved and new features are being added.