24/7 access to the mortgage portfolio

Hypothekenbörse Portal
  • Existing software does not support new business models
  • Portal solution offers competitive advantage and is a new marketing instrument
  • Mortgage owners can access their portfolio online, client advisors are supported

With their online portal “Hypoplace”, HypothekenBörse AG is setting the new standard for the customer experience.

Strategic growth thanks to the superior customer experience

Tapping new market opportunities and growing strategically: HypothekenBörse AG modernized their business processes with this objective in mind. The goal was a ground-breaking portal which would enable customers to display their mortgage information easily and in real time whenever they choose. 

Further advantages included: Support for all consultants in client meetings through optimal presentation of the information, and simplification of internal administration and customer communication. 

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Ambitions: HypothekenBörse AG wanted to create the ulta-modern mortgage portal in Switzerland. The company achieved a major coup thanks to the solution developed in tandem with Zühlke: the most advanced Swiss customer portal in the mortgage business.
  • Vision development: Zühlke put their stamp on the definition of the vision. 
  • Competitor analysis: Zühlke‘s market analysis provided HypothekenBörse AG with a comprehensive overview of the competitive situation. 
  • Speed: Thanks to the agile approach, the iterative development process, and a well-selected team, HypothekenBörse AG got their new portal within a very short time. 
  • Customer loyalty: The new portal enables HypothekenBörse AG to keep their clients better informed as well as to acquire new customers. 
  • Powerful implementation: Zühlke took care of all the details thanks to their industry know-how and technological expertise.

Ready for the future

The independent financial services provider, HypothekenBörse AG, specialises in the mortgage business. They actively manage mortgages with a value of almost three billion Swiss francs and annually issue property loans of between 400 and 500 million Swiss francs. 

HypothekenBörse AG is a successful company but they were working with an outdated software that provided no support whatsoever for new business models. 

This changed with „Hypoplace“. The new portal solution links multiple data sources, so that employees and customers can see at a glance all the relevant information on mortgages, total loans, and the financing objects in question. Hypoplace‘s intuitive interface makes it a cinch to use and integrate new functions. Requirements for the portal development also included a brief time frame (short time-to-market) and very tight budgetary constraints. 

Gianpiero Brundia Hypothekenbörse
' Zühlke was our partner of choice: The team immediately understood our needs and developed the ideal solution. '
Giampiero Brundia

Tight budget, major impact – the milestones

  • HypothekenBörse AG informed Zühlke of their plans and budget. 
  • Zühlke analyzed business and requirements. 
  • Zühlke started developing the new platform in a small team. Thanks to agile development, the customer was able to test the first prototype short after. 
  • Merging a variety of data systems enabled an intuitive representation of the data. The modern interface offers private and business customers an optimal customer experience. Furthermore, new services can be easily integrated into the system. 
  • Success! For HypothekenBörse AG, the new customer portal provides both a competitive advantage and a versatile marketing tool.