Suva: review of processes and touchpoints for increasing customer satisfaction


  • Comprehensive insights into customer and partner perspectives on insurance processes

  • Prioritisation of areas that increase both customer satisfaction and process efficiency

  • Specific recommendations for action based on an initiatives roadmap

Suva wants to unlock the potential of process automation and simultaneously increase long-term customer satisfaction. Zühlke is developing an initiatives roadmap.

Increasing customer satisfaction

In addition to rehabilitation and prevention, the insurance sector is of central importance to Suva. The accident insurer wants to analyse the degree to which its corporate strategy has been implemented in insurance processes and determine if action needs to be taken. The process should also increase customer satisfaction and improve internal processes. To assist Suva in these endeavours, Zühlke is using the human-centred innovation approach.

From analysis to recommendations for action

The experts at Zühlke analyse Suva’s internal processes and use qualitative interviews to gather customer journeys from its core target groups. The uncovered pain and pleasure points form the basis for identifying solutions. Zühlke also analyses areas for action and the potential for optimisation, and develops innovative ideas for solutions together with the customer via a design thinking process and series of ideation workshops. The team then consolidates the solutions for each initiative, prioritises them and uses them to develop a roadmap for Suva.

' Thanks to direct customer involvement, creative methods and systematic analyses, we were able to gain important insight in a short period of time. '
Philipp Muri
Suva, Project Manager

Added value of the customer perspective

The roadmap outlines areas with potential for action, which have been systematically analysed and prioritised, and brings the customer experience perspective and business goals into alignment. Suva now has a clear picture of the challenges facing customers, the underlying processes and their level of digitalisation. The initiatives roadmap as a whole provides answers to questions about the sequence and manner in which optimisation and automation potential can be exploited.