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Sanitas Troesch aims to reach its own ambitious digitalisation goals faster. They tasked Zühlke with compiling a clear action plan.

Ambitious digitalisation goals

As part of its corporate strategy, Sanitas Troesch has set itself the target of improving the customer journey and offering its customers new digital services. It has come up with an ambitious digital agenda to make this happen. Sanitas Troesch has assigned Zühlke the task of identifying concrete measures to reach these goals as quickly as possible, despite limited resources in terms of time, technology and finance.

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Review of IT architecture and operating model

Zühlke is identifying the key levers to help Sanitas Troesch reach its own digitalisation goals faster, and is compiling a clear action plan. Measures include the introduction of new roles and work methods such as the principle of product ownership, a six-month rule for projects, and the establishment of architecture management and principles.

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' With its methodical approach, Zühlke has introduced transparency and valuable measures for increasing efficiency in our project portfolio and reducing time-to-market. '
Hans-Peter Birneder
CIO, Saint-Gobain Schweiz and Head of IT & Organisation, Sanitas Troesch

Greater speed in implementation

The plan is to give management a range of measures for increasing the speed of implementation of their digitalisation initiatives, in both the short and long term. The IT and Business departments are moving closer together and decision-making is getting faster. End customers of Sanitas Troesch stand to benefit from an improved customer journey and new digital services.

Thomas Diggelmann, Zühlke
Contact person for Switzerland

Thomas Diggelmann

Regional Director Zühlke Bern

Thomas Diggelmann is responsible for the Bern / Espace Mittelland market area of Zühlke Switzerland. He also co-leads the Bern location with over 80 employees. In his daily work, he advises, accompanies, and supports leading Bern companies in the areas of digitalization and transformation. In doing so, Thomas Diggelmann can draw on several years of experience from challenging strategic change and innovation project management. He holds a degree in Business Administration with a Master in Business Development and an Executive MBA HSG in Business Engineering.