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ELRA & Zühlke: Competitive edge through an innovative user experience

Through an agile development approach, ELRA and Zühlke develop innovative software for electric drives and create the basis for future market success.

In the dynamic landscape of drive technology, ELRA – a leading drive solutions and motors supplier – wanted to strengthen its market position. Together with Zühlke, ELRA developed cutting-edge parameterisation software for electric drives. This innovative solution not only saved development time and costs for ELRA, but it also simplifies the parameterisation process for ELRA's customers, saving them time and money

"With Zühlke as an experienced development partner, we were not only able to shorten the time-to-market of our software, but also to increase our customer focus and competitiveness."
Dušan Vranješ, Head of Sales/Key Account Management, ELRA

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Competitive edge through an innovative user experience

Innovation as basis to future-proof the organisation

ELRA, an Austrian company based in Jois, Burgenland, develops superior drive solutions that have been used worldwide for over 40 years. To future-proof the business, ELRA started developing MotorMate – a software for the parameterisation of electric drives. Since ELRA and Zühlke are both part of Austria’s ‘Leitbetriebe’ Excellence Platform, contributing to a strong innovation network with a focus on ecosystems, and since the electronic development in this project was very complex, our team was chosen to support ELRA.

Focus on user experience and performance

During the collaboration, Zühlke supported ELRA through the entire innovation process, including project management, engineering, software and interface development. Agile development methodologies, coupled with regular user tests, provided a significant market advantage.

During the commissioning of a drive, the configuration software is the first touchpoint that end-customers have with ELRA. So, the team also focused on creating an intuitive user concept with customisable dashboards as well as very high stability, user-friendliness, and exceptional performance. 

User feedback highlights the value of intuitive design

The agile collaboration not only reduced software’s time-to-market, but also increased the customer focus and competitiveness for ELRA in a highly volatile market environment. The solution’s exceptional stability, user-friendliness, and high performance met the additional requirements of the project. Lastly, user feedback highlighted that intuitive design was crucial for helping inexperienced users make the most of the solution, contributing to ELRA´s future market success. 

Contact person for Austria

Helmut Taumberger

Managing Director Cross Markets, Austria

With his years of experience and a strong innovative mindset, Helmut Taumberger is digital transformation personified. As a Managing Director Cross Markets in Austria, he is responsible for steering the company’s strategic orientation and development. A qualified engineer, he has worked in the IT sector since 2003 and has lent his substantial expertise to various international businesses. He likes nothing more than coming up with practical strategies and getting people excited about technological change.

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