GenBRAVO: Transforming Generali’s digital insurance experience in Hong Kong

Learn how we enabled Generali Hong Kong to reimagine and transform its digital customer experience in Hong Kong, taking a future-proof, scalable, and mobile-first approach.

The importance of insurance has become even more pronounced post-pandemic as people assume greater personal responsibility for their future health. Today, insurers are streamlining processes via digital technologies to enhance their level of service. Customer experience has benefited from this move, with integrated components across digital platforms working to deliver service consistency.

In the insurance industry, customer experience is heavily shaped by the clarity of the insurer’s products, the ease of making claims and purchases, and the responsiveness of customer support. Overall, customers look for simplicity and speed in their claims – a user experience that insurers can deliver with an intuitive user interface (UI) supported by digitalised backend processes.  

An enhanced customer experience and fast claim process

Generali Hong Kong, committed to being a Lifetime Partner to customers, undertook a project to transform its user-centric digital solutions. Starting with a series of innovative design mockups, these initial efforts laid the groundwork for a deeper exploration of user needs and workflows. Recognising the potential for further enhancement, Generali Hong Kong partnered with Zühlke to improve customer experiences across mobile and web platforms. 

Through a series of workshops, user interviews, and design iterations conducted with Zühlke experts, we uncovered and identified critical insights that could further uplift customer experience. 

Bridging vision and context through blueprint analysis

Leveraging insights garnered from these workshops and building on Generali’s existing blueprints, the project focus was twofold: to enhance the user-friendliness of the platform and to streamline the benefits and claims processing for members.

This collaborative effort resulted in an intuitive user experience, greatly simplifying interactions on the platform. Zühlke's expertise in digital and design experiences, combined with Generali's vision, led to a transformation of Generali Hong Kong’s one-stop digitalised insurance solutions and services.

Zühlke took a thorough approach towards understanding Generali's users in Hong Kong, conducting multiple workshops to gain in-depth insights. These workshops proved instrumental in uncovering valuable information about user needs and preferences to help streamline the user flow, ensuring a smooth and optimised user experience within the GenBRAVO application.

We also gathered input from Generali's technical and business stakeholders to gain a good understanding of the workflows required for Generali’s business and products. Following this, Zühlke conducted focused interviews and workshops with Generali to validate assumptions, refine requirements and align on expectations. 

This balanced approach to requirements collection and validation laid a solid foundation for developing a more user-centric and consistent approach.               

Iterative workflow design and navigation

Drawing on these workshop insights, we started organising and prioritising the features on each screen. Designing different user workflows on Figma, these visualisations depicted and made sense of user interactions, guiding design and navigation. 

A new information architecture (IA) was also introduced, clearly distinguishing between primary and secondary actions. This not only streamlined user navigation but also subtly integrated promotional items, enriching the user experience to fulfil the client’s business goal of enabling new opportunities in Hong Kong.

These enhancements were implemented to elevate user engagement, foster a cohesive user experience, and maximise new opportunities for Generali to offer additional services to their customers.

The result? A clean layout with a clear visual hierarchy, prioritised content groups and categories, all supported with action-driven labels.

Accelerating delivery with domain-driven design

As the application's interface took shape, the collaboration with Generali on solution architecture intensified. Adopting a domain-driven design approach, the team developed a modern microservice architecture, ensuring seamless delivery across both mobile and web platforms. This approach was complemented by a choice of a versatile, future-proof cross-platform technical stack, poised to meet future technological needs.

The solution was deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kubernetes, reducing operational overheads and achieving target scalability and availability. This elevated the overall system's performance and laid the foundation for a future-ready infrastructure capable of efficiently handling increased workloads.

Mobile-first approach simplifying solution development

The team adopted a mobile-first approach that optimises web development for mobile users' needs and preferences. 

Extending the same design framework to the web platform streamlined the entire user experience and ensured consistency across the different interfaces. Leveraging the Ant Design UI Library, the open-source design system boasts a rich collection of practical built-in components for creating interactive user interfaces, making it flexible, customisable, and scalable to meet Generali's needs for the Hong Kong market. 

By ensuring design consistency across mobile and web platforms, the team ensured harmonious design consistency and delivered a unified and consistent user experience.

A future-proof, scalable, and mobile-first experience

Through collaborative workshops and constructive alignment with business stakeholders, the Zühlke team delivered a highly tailored and enhanced digital experience for GenBRAVO — Generali's employee benefit platform in Hong Kong. Users can now effortlessly make claims and access policy features through an enhanced single, accessible application available 24/7.

Zühlke's adoption of a domain-driven design approach and micro-service architecture also means that Generali can now easily deploy new features in Hong Kong with incremental releases instead of the traditional big software updates and releases. The cloud-first strategy deployed on AWS and Kubernetes also ensures that the solution is future-proof, scalable, and easy to maintain.

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Note: The above-mentioned content does not imply any form of reference from Generali.

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