App for firefighters: equipped for all scenarios

The GVB app enables fire brigades to drive efficiencies, improve communication, and share real-time information. 

Information should be available at all times

The fire brigades in the Canton of Bern use a third-party system to manage all information about personnel, operations, workshops, and vocational training. The system is accessible to just a select few users, which means that colleagues who need information have to approach a system user to get what they need, or manually arrange notifications. Some additional details are available via other GVB data sources, but again these are not always available to the individuals that need them. The objective, therefore, was to improve information flow, enabling everyone – based on their function – to access the information they need in real time.​

Analysis, evaluation, implementation, testing and delivery

The project was organised into several incremental phases: data access and aggregation; provision of information via the app; data collection via the app; and dynamic deployment support. Zühlke supported GVB from the second phase onwards by implementing a web app to enable data provision. Our multidisciplinary teams analysed user needs and requirements, evaluated possible solutions, and developed, implemented, tested, and delivered the app designs. This iterative approach allowed developers to adapt flexibly and quickly in line with ongoing feedback and additional requirements and feedback, integrating this into the development process.​

Theo Buehlmann, Head of prevention and intervention
' Thanks to the collaboration with Zühlke, fire brigades are able to drive efficiencies and digitally transform. The new app provides stakeholders with dependable information to align their organisations and training programmes.​ '
Theo Bühlmann
Head prevention and intervention, GVB

Simplified communication through app

The 'mobile first' approach ensures that fire brigade members have access to crucial information when they are on the road. The various supervisory bodies can access evaluations and reports and view the information that's relevant to them. On call-outs, the app delivers additional support by integrating alert information on the map display. The organisation of workshops and vocational training is now simplified, and additional data entry options mean that the app has replaced several legacy and manual workflows.​

Contact person for Germany

Gabriele Baierlein

Director Business Development & Partner

Gabriele Baierlein, who joined Zühlke in 2016, is the Director of Business Development & Partnerships for the Zühlke Group. She has many years of experience in cross-industry sales and management, most recently as Market Team Lead at Zühlke, where she oversaw business development and the service portfolio for the consumer goods industry. In her current role, Ms Baierlein is driving the development and expansion of the Financial Services segment with a focus on the insurance industry in Germany. She is also a lecturer in business administration and project management at the University of Applied Sciences Munich (FOM) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bavaria.

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Contact person for Switzerland

Markus Reding

Managing Director Insurance Switzerland & Partner

Markus Reding leads the Market Unit Insurance at Zühlke in Switzerland. For more than 20 years he is responsible for innovation, strategy, product management, software engineering, and business development in various leadership positions and has practical experience from numerous digitisation projects. Meeting the challenges and market trends in the insurance industry with innovative solutions is what drives him.

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Contact person for Austria

Helmut Taumberger

Managing Director Cross Markets, Austria

With his years of experience and a strong innovative mindset, Helmut Taumberger is digital transformation personified. As a Managing Director Cross Markets in Austria, he is responsible for steering the company’s strategic orientation and development. A qualified engineer, he has worked in the IT sector since 2003 and has lent his substantial expertise to various international businesses. He likes nothing more than coming up with practical strategies and getting people excited about technological change.

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Contact person for United Kingdom

Brewster Barclay

Business Development Director

Brewster Barclay has a long history developing and selling innovative software and hardware solutions in the electronics and Internet industries, including running a start-up for 6 years. He is dedicated to helping customers create innovative solutions in healthcare and has shown this outside of his Zühlke responsibilities in his frequent mentoring of e-health and medtech startups.

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