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Digital roadmap for B2B companies

The internationally positioned trade, services and manufacturing company is looking to drive forward its digitalisation strategy. A digital roadmap is being developed as part of a collaborative process.

  • Requirements of subsidiaries, customers and suppliers are taken into account
  • Relevant topics are identified
  • Digital ambition and corresponding initiatives are formulated

"We turned to Zühlke - because we aimed at digital transformation"

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Web shop as a new sales channel

The global competition is preparing itself for a digital future. BIBUS, an internationally positioned, family-run concern specialising in system integration, trade, services and manufacturing, would therefore like to set up a new web shop as a sales channel. BIBUS is enjoying strong growth: new subsidiaries are being established and internal services such as marketing and IT are becoming more and more important. That is why the whole organisation needs to be properly aligned in order to achieve its common digital objectives. BIBUS is bringing in Zühlke to handle the job.

Validation of findings

A digital ambition is being developed together with Zühlke that will keep BIBUS competitive going forward. Participants formulate hypotheses and define relevant topics in which there is a need for action in order to achieve the company's ambition. The findings are then validated with the various subsidiaries and also with customers and suppliers. On top of that, the needs and expectations of the holding company are collected. Corresponding strategic initiatives can be derived on this basis.

Ulrich Conrad
' The close and cooperative partnership with Zühlke has facilitated the internal dialogue and helped us pool our resources to order to work towards a common goal. '
Conrad C. Ulrich
Business Development Manager, BIBUS

Basis for continued successful development

A roadmap prioritises the specific action areas and illustrates how the various steps are implemented in practice. Whether the measures are successful or not depends on the acceptance levels at the various subsidiaries, which is why close cooperation is sought with the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and key representatives from the subsidiaries, and why change management measures are needed to support the implementation. Zühlke’s digital roadmap provides the basis for continued successful development at BIBUS.

Marco Balzarini
Contact person for Switzerland

Marco Balzarini

Head of Digital Consulting

Marco Balzarini has been a partner of the Zühlke Group since 2017 and leads the Digital Consulting Team at Zühlke Switzerland. An engineer by trade, Marco Balzarini subsequently pursued a degree in Business Administration and now provides holistic consulting services to clients implementing innovation projects. In doing so, he creates broad-based and implementable approaches with a focus that is both methodical and pragmatic. He enjoys the challenge of rethinking complex issues and combining different perspectives (strategy, technology and organisation) in order to establish sustainable solutions.

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