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At Zühlke, we believe in delivering change to humans and the planet through the ethical use of data. Data & AI solutions are key to overcome global strains – such as in healthcare and in the use of resources – as well as challenges on an organizational level, namely competitiveness, constant innovation or the war for talents.

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Zühlke’s experts enable you to use data and AI in order to make better decisions, to run more effective and efficient processes and to innovate radically new services and products. 

We make it happen - with our special expertise in the productionization of AI & data-based solutions, our interdisciplinary approach and our know-how in the smart combination of both the strengths of humans and machines, we quickly create sustainable and measureable business value for you.

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Delivering value from data

We transform data use cases into measurable business success

You have identified the perfect AI use case for your business and now envisage implementing it in order to generate real value? We support you on the whole lifecycle of an AI-based solution – from the first idea to the successful operation of a productionised application.

Evaluating your data-related ideas and potential AI applications 

We quickly validate user needs and data availability

You have first ideas on applying data solutions and AI to boost your business and want to identify the most promising one? With our specially designed data processes, we validate your ideas for technical feasibility, business viability and human acceptance in a few days only, in order to gear your data solutions and AI initiatives towards success from day one.

Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence

AI will have a positive impact on our society and environment. At Zühlke, we focus on building cutting-edge, safe, robust, and explainable AI solutions


Data-Driven Companies

The path to using data strategically: We asked over 70 Swiss companies about their hurdles on the way to becoming a data-driven company.

Zuhlke - How insurers can become data-driven organisations
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Become a data-driven company

We enable you to become self-sufficient by building data ecosystems  

You are wondering how your organization can continuously generate sustainable value from your data? Our experts establish the technical, cultural and organizational foundations for your data pipelines and work alongside your staff to deliver AI lighthouse projects that then enable you to be self-sufficient.

Event-driven and Streaming Architectures

We create the optimal data platform

Your organization needs a data platform as a basis for implementing your Machine Learning solutions? We start this technical task with representatives from your business: on the basis of your business goals, our consultants design the optimum data platform for your needs - you will benefit from their overview and product-neutral advice.

Masterclasses and coaching

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We raise your organisation’s AI and data IQ

You want to learn about the potential offered by Machine Learning and in which areas your company can use it? 
In our combined presentation and workshop format, you learn everything you need to know in order to create new business ideas based on AI or to pre-assess AI use case ideas. A course every business decision maker should attend, as a former C-Level attendee put it.

Whitepaper - How to build medical AI

Combining best practices from machine learning and medical device development

whitepaper medical ai

Whitepaper - Response to the UK National Data Strategy

We have consulted with data practitioners across government resulting in nine recommendations.

Whitepaper NNational Data Strategy
Philipp Morf

Philipp Morf

Director Solution Center
Contact person for Switzerland

Dr. Philipp Morf holds a doctorate in engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and holds the position head of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Solutions division at Zühlke since 2015. As Director of the AI Solutions Centre, he designs effective AI/ML applications and is a sought-after speaker on AI topics in the area of applications and application trends. With his many years of experience as a consultant in innovation management, he bridges the gap between business, technology and the people who use AI.

Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein

Director Solution Center Data Solutions
Contact person for United Kingdom

Dan has a great passion for data and leads Zühlke Engineering’s data practice. Throughout his data driven career, Dan provides stakeholders with reliable advice and has helped plan enterprise data transformation programs and led delivery teams. An engineer by training, Dan bridges the gap between the boardroom and teams working at the coalface and couples his strategic thinking with his commitment to data and years of experience.

Cristian Hofmann

Cristian Hofmann

Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Austria

Cristian Hofmann is Business Solution Manager and since März 2020 at Zühlke. After his studies of Computer Science and Doctorate in "Digital Multimedia" and "User Experience", he worked at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft as Senior Researcher and Project Manager. From 2012 to 2020, he was employed at adesso Austria, for the time being as Project Manager, and later as Managing Consultant and Head of Consulting. His emphasis is the field of UX/CX and Innovation Management as well as Web and Mobile Applications. He was able to employ these skills at customers of diverse business areas, such as Insurance, Utilities or Public. 

Nicolas Lai

Nicolas Lai

Business Development
Contact person for Singapore

Nicolas oversees the Healthcare and MedTech vertical at Zuhlke Singapore. As part of the Business Development team, he works on digital innovation initiatives together with both global and local customers. Nicolas finds joy in helping clients connect the dots, from conceptualisation to creation of exciting products.

Zühlke Luca Cacchiani

Luca Cacchiani

Business Solution Manager
Contact person for Hong Kong

Luca has extensive experience in IT for over 13 years, holding both technical and management positions in large consulting organisations in both London and Hong Kong, focusing on highly technical solutions for the financial, utility, transport and logistics industry. Luca led large digital transformation projects that brought significant impact in company revenue and product revitalisation, reducing production costs across different areas. He studied Computer Science and holds a Master's degree in Informatics Systems and an MBA in Finance from LBS.