New starting position in the race for the customer interface


We surveyed C-level representatives and specialists at leading Swiss insurance companies regarding their digitalisation strategy.


The results show that pressure on the industry is increasing. 70% of respondents stated that they were noticeably losing access to the customer interface due to the entry of new market players.


Based on the study data, we show possible courses for action in dealing with the customer interface.

Can an insurance company be digitalised on a linear axis?

No, in fact, digitalisation requires specific strategy decisions for each business area.

What courses for action are available?

Who will occupy the customer interface for which business area in the future? Who will be able to use the value chain more broadly and thus tap into new revenue streams? These considerations lead to three possible paths:


Ecosystem orchestrator

As the orchestrator of an ecosystem, insurance companies attempt to fill the customer interface with selected partners throughout an entire customer journey.



Insurance companies fill the customer interface single-handedly as a boutique in a defined segment.


Insurance Factory

Insurance companies give up the customer interface and become highly efficient product suppliers.

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Learn more about the possible courses of action and the corresponding requirements for successful positioning in new ecosystems.


Lucas Urech

Lukas Urech

Head of Insurance Switzerland