Practical guide: how to navigate the ESG IT tool jungle

With CSRD and other reporting obligations, new software solutions are constantly emerging on the market. In this fast-moving IT tool landscape, it's easy to lose track. Our guide helps you navigate the complex terrain of ESG tools to accelerate your sustainability journey. 

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The ESG IT tool landscape is intricate and evolving. For businesses, the challenge isn't just about achieving compliant ESG reporting but also leveraging ESG data to create more successful and sustainable products and services. This requires effectively managing and integrating the right IT tools. Amidst regulatory pressures and the risk of uncontrolled tool proliferation, our whitepaper demystifies the ESG IT tool ecosystem. 

Our comprehensive guide dives into the diverse world of ESG software solutions, covering 27 distinct categories essential for implementing a robust ESG strategy. From carbon accounting to waste management, we provide insights into selecting and integrating the most impactful tools that align with your specific sustainability goals. 

A combination of real-world applications and vendor analysis will equip you with the knowledge needed to plan and build an integrated, effective, and audit-proof ESG data platform that addresses your CSRD reporting needs and helps develop a thorough sustainability strategy. 

Discover a short overview of the mentioned categories and tools here: 

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Are you ready to navigate the jungle of ESG IT tools and move beyond reporting? Download the entire white paper now:
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