How do international companies feel about the use of data?


of companies think that data and AI have great potential.


of decision-makers surveyed described their companies as data driven.

Data-driven organisations - hype or real added value?

No hype. Data-driven companies constantly and systematically generate value by utilising data and artificial intelligence.

Five barriers to becoming a data-driven organisation

While most companies are indeed investing in data-driven and AI projects, they often still fail to reap the full potential. Based on our practical experience from over 100 interdisciplinary projects, we have identified five typical barriers that companies face on their path to becoming data driven.


An inactive data innovation pipeline

Holistic, ongoing planning and implementation of data and AI projects is critical. If data projects are technology driven rather than business driven, the innovation pipeline is sure to run dry.


Proof-of-concepts falling by the wayside

Without an operationalisation concept in place, many projects never get beyond the proof-of-concept stage. In other words, even technically feasible solutions do not create any added value in the end.


Perfectly implemented solutions that don’t get used as planned

Failing to integrate solutions into existing tools is by far the most common reason for poor acceptance of AI-based solutions. Other reasons include sceptical attitudes towards AI or users lacking the proper training.


Skills in the field of data

The greatest challenge facing most companies is interdisciplinary collaboration during data projects.


The data itself

Many companies have the data at their disposal. But the real challenge lies in its quality and in accessing it. In many cases, effective data governance is lacking.

How are companies progressing on their journeys?

Read our case study to find out more.


Philipp Morf

Philipp Morf (Switzerland)

Head of Solutions Center AI Zühlke Group

Zühlke Gerald Brose

Gerald Brose (Germany)

Executive Director Business Development

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Andreas Pfleger (Austria)

Business Development Manager


Dan Klein (United Kingdom)

Director of Data Solution Centre