Business Consulting

Our goal is to drive real change and create strategic value for our clients, and we always combine human experience with technology and business. Our tight-knit team works across all industries with one benchmark: We only make actionable recommendations.

We view every project from all three of these perspectives. In addition to technical feasibility, we ensure business value and make sure any changes will be accepted by the end customer. Our approach is agile and we work as a tight-knit team, especially in collaboration with our clients. We operate across all industries and along our customers’ entire value chain, but the benchmark remains the same: Zühlke only makes actionable recommendations.

Providing Energy – Business Consulting at Zühlke

Our projects 

We work in interdisciplinary teams, usually in relatively short and intense cycles. As business consultants, we create clarity and alignment. To achieve this, we apply new techniques such as design thinking and lean management. We consider it a great responsibility to make actionable recommendations based on sound reasoning to our customers. No matter the project, we expect each team member to be justified in their conviction that those recommendations are right. This is how we ensure our customers are satisfied.

Our people 

A business consultant at Zühlke creates energy! You must be able to professionally guide both customers and colleagues through complex issues. At the same time, you must help customers to find new ways of working and creating value. This requires strong belief in your ability to bring about positive change and a high degree of empathy to ensure that our clients share that belief at all times.

Our possibilities 

Successful business consultants apply their qualities to positively affect sales, performance, the evolution of our consulting practice and their own contribution to the team. We look forward to seeing you acquire new business together with your colleagues. To you demonstrating excellence in client engagements and consulting projects, and redefining ‘state-of-the-art’ as you create new products for our consulting portfolio. Last but not least, we’re keen to see you develop as a leader and give back to the team.