Product Engineering

We’re creating new and experimental products all the time, from an apartment with moving walls to a machine that can fabricate skin for burn victims. Our experts innovate across every type of company, from small start-ups to household names.

Creating New Ideas – Product Engineering at Zühlke

Product engineering is still deeply embedded in our business. Our experts from all over the world create exciting innovations for a multitude of different companies, from small start-ups to household names with global reach.

Our projects

Zühlke services clients from a range of different sectors, including medical, industrial and consumer goods. This diversity makes it fascinating to work in our Product Engineering unit – and even more of a challenge. No matter the project, from a digital piggy bank to an infusion pump for hospitals, we take an interdisciplinary approach that combines hardware with software to generate outstanding results. 

Our people

Our interdisciplinary teams range in size – from just two to 15 highly skilled people. Although they come from fields as diverse as mechanical engineering and computer science, all our product innovators share Zühlke’s commitment to agile working. On a more personal level, they are invariably empathetic characters with an exceptional team spirit. Team members from different locations make sure they meet face-to-face at least every six weeks. 

Our possibilities

We develop ideas dynamically and move them quickly through development to market readiness. Zühlke’s in-house testing laboratory is key to maintaining this pace, as is our unique maker-space. From conceptualisation to prototyping and industrialisation, you can influence your product’s development at every stage of the process.