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Welcome to Zühlke Zurich and Bern, where the Limmat meets the Aare and technology meets innovation. IT hotspot Zurich stands out with its new office, while political centre Bern offers open space and a family feel.
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Interview Insights from our experts

Learn from our recruiting experts and line managers from Switzerland what sets our interviews apart, and get tips from those who really know what matters.

Ben Millo
What makes our interview process unique?
Andreea Orban, Senior Recruiting Specialist
How does our interview process look like?
Interview process Switzerland
What tips can you give away to our candidates?
Jacqueline Trachsler
After having conducted so many interviews, what are some of your biggest learnings?
Christian Moser, Head of Digital Experience
Who are we looking for?
Anja Borchhardt
Why stay at Zühlke when your interviewing experience could help you excel interviews elsewhere?
Joakim Joensson, Recruiting Specialist
Is it really just an AI checking those CVs?

Your benefits in Switzerland

Get a glimpse of some of the benefits awaiting you at Zühlke:

We are committed to the growth of our people and are investing in their development. We’re empowering them to build the skills they need to make a positive impact, both personally and for our clients, today and in the future.

In addition to your annual salary, you’ll receive a profit share defined by the company’s success in the previous year.  

Experience the unique Zühlke culture of working, including annual team camps, Christmas party, ski weekend, sailing trip, and more.  

Experience how diversity and inclusion come together to create a unique and positive work culture. Working at Zühlke means working in cross-cultural, international and distributed teams within a global company with 17 offices across the globe.

Complexity and detail are what make us tick, which is why organisations bring their most intricate challenges to us. That means regardless of your area of expertise, the projects you’ll work on at Zühlke will ask you to apply your skills in new ways, in new sectors, to find new solutions.

What kind of challenge could you give your skills if you join us?

We offer a safe, healthy and family-friendly workplace, with flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home. You also benefit from our Employee Assistance Program: Our external partner MOVIS aids you in dealing with various challenges, whether at work or in private life. MOVIS provides confidential support for personal, financial, health, integration, and workplace-related challenges, accessible to all colleagues, free of charge.

Work in one of Zurich’s trendiest offices: In June 2020, we moved into our brand-new building located in the Schlieren area.

We truly appreciate a great recommendation - therefore you will get a bonus when we hire someone for a permanent position. We appreciate your involvement in building and supporting our company culture.

Our Interview Process

Here's how it's going to look like if you apply to any of our open roles:

Interview process Switzerland
View over Piazza

Get to know our location in Schlieren

Explore our newest office in a virtual tour.

Get to know our location in Bern

Here we combine high-tech with heart and technological know-how with the characteristics of one of Switzerland's most beautiful cities.

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