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We are Swiss in our excellence and British in our humour. We give our work a deeper meaning to bring a positive change to the world through digital innovation. We embrace diversity in both our expertise and perspectives to achieve the best results.

Get to know us better

Zühlke has been incorporated by Gerhard Zühlke in Schlieren, Switzerland in 1968 as an enterprise focusing on product innovation. Preserving the legacy and accelerating our growth we are now present in 10 countries with 14 offices and 1900 team members working from around the world.

In the UK we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2021. Today we are a multidisciplinary team of almost 200 software engineers, service designers, researchers and business consultants who help our clients accelerate their business growth through innovation while leaving a lasting positive impact on the planet with our work.

We have 3 offices in the UK: in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.
Have a look at what is like to be a part of the team!

We believe that borderless innovation, powered by modern technology, can be an impactful force for good. This is what inspires us to shape a better, more sustainable future, together with our people, our clients and partners.

Our values


Curiosity triggers our innovative ideas. We constantly challenge the status quo and break new ground. That’s how we move our clients’ projects forward. At the same time, we know that failures are an opportunity to learn. They make us smarter and stronger, and ultimately help broaden our horizons. What does it take to work like this? Courage.


Our clients trust us because we are a reliable partner to them, because we keep our promises, and because we take responsibility for their success. That drives their own business as much as that of their customers. This kind of trust is the basis for the long-term partnerships that we build along the entire value chain. We treat each other as equals and create close-knit teams, both as Zühlke employees and together with our clients. The core of trust and teamwork? Integrity.

Outstanding performance

Great performance is key to keeping our client promise. We enjoy performing well and achieving extraordinary results. That is how we inspire our clients and each other. Our work gains another level with our cross-functional teams because connected expertise results in even better solutions. We invest heavily in our employees to help them achieve top performance – and beat their own records – so that we can carry our successes into the future. Our top priority? Outstanding performance.

Client success

Listening comes before acting. We must thoroughly understand our clients’ challenges if we are to develop the right solutions for them. Solutions that create new opportunities and give our clients an edge over their competitors. As a result, both our clients and their end users profit from our work – as do we as a company. What do we aim to achieve each day? Client success.

The sound of a breakthrough...

Our commitments

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion

    We cherish the collaborative nature of our work. Our team spans countries, continents, and oceans, with members coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. We believe that this diversity is what helps us progress as we bring unique perspectives and skill sets to the table. It allows us to achieve the best results for ourselves and our clients.

    We keep diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of our culture. We have a Group D&I policy covering most aspects from gender, age and disability to religion, race, and sexual orientation. This policy is a centrepiece to our values, and it exists as a learning and alignment item for our team members but also for our candidates and clients. It also informs our Code of conduct. We believe that everyone on our team must commit to and support this policy, and it's a binding part of every hiring process and employment contract. 

    We are convinced that diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams. That's why we actively seek out a highly diverse, cognitively in particular, workforce. This approach, combined with an inclusive culture, allows us to tap into our full potential and achieve long-term success while creating a lasting positive impact. Learn more here.

  • Sustainability

    To us, assuming responsibility means taking action where our skills and experience create the most significant positive impact.

    Whether that's becoming carbon neutral in 2021, helping our clients develop sustainable solutions or modernising end-to-end energy infrastructure and services to meet 21st-century demands, we are committed to making a positive impact on our planet.

    In line with that principle and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have made the interconnected areas of climate action and health improvement our sustainability focus. Both can benefit from innovation and technology, and positive actions are mutually reinforcing.

    They, therefore, build the centre of our sustainability compass and are surrounded by three pathways for action: positive project impact, sustainable way of working, and community engagement. Learn more about our journey

  • Growth mindset

    Our approach to people care is unusual in the consultant space as we strive to provide real-time support to the team as and when it’s needed. We also facilitate regular one-to-ones focused on the well-being and supporting our people in working toward their goals. Since the teams are disparate working away from the Zühlke hub in their day-to-day, this is a vital touch point valued by colleagues at all levels in the business. 

    One of the underlying principles is a commitment to learning and training. We constantly invest in our people's growth and development through multiple internal and external courses and certifications. As we are convinced that by shaping the relevant growth opportunities around your passions and our business goals we grow with our people and reinforce our joint success. 

    With the Zuhlke Growth Mindset, we are going beyond the idea that learning is an activity separate from project work. By making the most of learning opportunities in our daily lives and by boosting collaboration across the whole group, we are getting more effective and efficient – which translates into a career advantage for all of us and in a competitive advantage for Zühlke. 

  • Wellbeing

    We care about our people's wellbeing and offer a range of tools and resources to support your physical and mental wellbeing, including private insurance & health benefits, mental health first aid provisions, and flexible working arrangements.

    We regularly engage our people in team health check-ins. Team chartering is an important part of any project liftoff and, alongside this, team health is given an ongoing attention at Zühlke. With the anonymous self-assessment, we get a regular insight into how the team feels and more importantly we can tailor mindful interventions to keep our people upbeat and motivated towards achieving the goals together. 

    We also strongly believe that giving back to society is important, so Zühlke UK will support you and pay for up to 8 hours a day for each day you have taken to volunteer for a cause you believe in. We are also matching your salary sacrifice donations for up to 50£ to further extend the impact of good.

Our key benefits

Get a tailored investment into your career growth, a dedicated career coach, and access to courses and development programs. We are committed to the growth of our people and are investing in their development. We’re empowering our team members to build the skills they need to make a positive impact, both personally and for our clients, today and in the future.

A family-friendly workplace, enhanced parental leave benefits, flexible working hours, the possibility to work from home and 25 vacation days with the opportunity to buy extra annual leave days.

In addition to your annual salary, you may receive a profit share defined by the company’s success in the previous year.

You benefit from competitive medical benefits plus long-term illness, life and travel insurance.

A cost-effective way to lease a brand-new electric car and benefit from discounts and income tax and national insurance savings. 

We enable our team members to purchase their bikes & equipment and through a salary sacrifice scheme and benefit from income tax and national insurance savings.

It's important to have fun both at and outside of work. For this purpose, we have seasonal local parties, occasional get-togethers for teams and an annual country-wide Camp that serves both as a main social event and a Zühlke mini-conference. We also run weekly BLTs on trending tech- & life-related topics and our monthly townhalls are usually fun.

You are also encouraged to benefit from our regular opportunities to represent our company at events as a speaker or a volunteer. 

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