Project Management

Our project managers spearhead teams of highly skilled experts and ensure we keep our promises to our clients. From shaping the idea to writing the proposal and delivering the objective, they’re essential to ensuring successful work that’s well run. 

From shaping the idea to writing the proposal and delivering the objective, project managers play a key role from start to finish. They take on great responsibility and in return get a huge amount of freedom to run the project as they see fit. The range of tasks is as broad as it is stimulating – from sales and stakeholder management to team leadership, risk management and project administration

Front and Centre of the Project – Project Management at Zühlke

Our projects

We work on a great variety of projects, which we allocate according to each project manager’s specific talents and experience. These range from hardware and medical systems to developing the next generation software application for a bank. Project managers also take on consulting mandates and help transform clients. They concentrate on one or two projects at a time, which usually last from a few months to a year. This ensures they can fully immerse themselves in each assignment and really give it their all.  

Our people

Our project managers come from all over the world and a variety of disciplines. All are experts in their fields, mostly with a minimum of five years’ experience at a high level. They possess critical project leadership and planning skills; they know how to minimise risks and communicate with stakeholders. With their charisma, empathy, courage and determination, they lead teams with ease, creating an environment where everyone can thrive. 

Our possibilities

Zühlke project managers are given the freedom they need to strike an effective balance between the customer’s objectives, employee satisfaction and Zühlke’s best interests. We prefer doing things well to doing them quickly so we continuously encourage our employees to develop their skills, for example through our ongoing training program. The myriad opportunities for professional growth help explain why so many project management consultants stay with Zühlke for ten years or more – and often transition into management positions.