Data & AI

For us, Data & AI means no-nonsense machine learning. We don’t just analyse, develop and prototype applications. We use agile processes to create value for our customers and make sure our solutions work in the real world, no matter the industry.

At Zühlke, data scientists and data engineers work hand in hand. Thanks to our machine learning know-how we all speak the same language, be that Computer Vision, NLP, Time Series Analysis or Reinforcement Learning. We use agile processes to work closely with our customers. Our motto is "No-Nonsense Machine Learning", so we’re not into buzzword bingo. Instead, we focus on creating technically and commercially sound solutions that add meaningful value for our customers, no matter their industry. 

No-Nonsense Machine Learning – Data & AI at Zühlke

Our projects

When we tell applicants the kind of projects our Data & AI specialists are working on, their next question is usually, "Are you really doing all of this?". The variety of our projects really is very wide. Some last a few weeks, others take years. Today it's a medical application to help doctors diagnose a disease. Tomorrow it's predictive maintenance in rail transport. The point is that every project is different - and interdisciplinary teamwork is the key. 

Our people

We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. So as a data scientist at Zühlke, you continuously find yourself asking, "How do I solve this problem?”. There’s a lot of variety, but you have to be willing to learn every day. Our employees need strong communication skills to interact effectively with their team and their customers. And the job doesn’t stop at analysis – there’s so much more to it than that. We also focus on application development, so our data scientists add proficiency in Python and other programming languages to their versatile skill set. 

Our possibilities

Data & AI thrives on interdisciplinary dialogue at all levels, which is why our data scientists and data engineers get involved in projects at a very early stage – to evaluate the feasibility of individual solutions. You will work closely with colleagues from our Software Engineering, DevOps and UX departments as well as the project team – which includes customer representatives – on site. This calls for you to expand your horizons. Like everyone at Zühlke, you will be encouraged continuously to improve and develop as a professional – on the job, in regular, in-depth dialogue with your Data & AI colleagues, and through our generously funded training program.