Software Engineering

Our software engineers are at the heart of our organisation, and make up two-thirds of Zühlke employees. Some are generalists and many specialise in mobile, web, embedded or cloud development — but they all deliver on quality, real-world solutions. 

“We deliver!” is our motto

What do we mean by that? We never stop at the proof of concept. We want to deliver something complete – a product or service that will actually be used in the real world. We deliver what we promise and even improve our solutions after they go live. That also means that we rarely discuss quality because at Zühlke, quality is guaranteed.

Software Engineering at Zühlke

Our projects

Software development at Zühlke means diversity. Our projects range from creating the next-generation mobile banking app to medical-grade software in infusion pumps and connecting a construction machine with its vendor’s cloud system to enable new digital business cases. This is when our end-to-end expertise comes into its own. Our clients appreciate our versatility, as proven by the number of small-scale projects that evolve into long-term collaborations.

Our people

As a team, we are as diverse as our range of projects. This applies not only to our gender, origin or age, but also to our academic fields of study. We all share a strong interest in what drives the innovations around us and a willingness to dive deeply into our clients’ subject matter. We are proud of our agile mindset – we don’t just apply appropriate engineering and collaboration methods; as individuals we always strive to improve.

Our possibilities

Our projects are usually significant and often mission-critical, which is why we use cutting-edge software stacks. With variety such a big part of the role, our software engineers might work for a multinational one day and a start-up the next. Often this means the chance to learn something new on the job. Peer-to-peer mentoring also encourages professional development. Likewise ‘topic teams’, in which diverse experts – mobile developers, DevOps engineers or cloud specialists, for example – share the experience they’ve acquired across different locations and projects.

Cloud Engineering at Zühlke

A lot of good things happen when you become a Zühlke Cloud specialist. You work on exciting live projects. You receive coaching from highly experienced colleagues. You build certifications. And all while in a stable role for a highly innovative software company.

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