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A new strategy to consolidate market position

Switzerland Travel Center (STC), the leading Swiss tour operator, is shifting its strategic focus to current issues together with Zühlke.

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Adressing market challenges

  • Switzerland Travel Center (STC) is one of the leading tour operators in Switzerland.
  • To ensure continued success in the future in the face of stiff market competition, it needs a forward-looking strategy which builds on its strengths.
  • With the new strategy, the tour operator aims to tackle current issues affecting the market.

A 'Playing to Win' Approach

  • Using a “playing to win” approach, a proposed set of strategic goals is developed and presented to the Board in a series of workshops organised in collaboration with the management of STC.
  • The first phase involves identifying and prioritising topics with future relevance.
  • Once chosen, strategic goals are defined, and measures derived for these topics.
portrait photo of Michael Maeder, CEO, STC
' Thanks to Zühlke’s support in both content and methodology, in a series of workshops, we managed to get management on side right from the off, and together we developed a strategy that builds on our strengths while also providing a basis for future success. '
Michael Maeder

Strategy Development and Implementation

  • STC gains an overview of the trends, customer requirements, political and economic developments, and environmental topics relevant to it going forward.
  • The new strategy is developed in cooperation with the management team and validated by the Board, providing a starting point for lean, automated processes, and an adapted market and product strategy.
  • A roadmap with measures provides guidance around implementation.