A digital application portal for all sales channels

  • Holistic end-to-end support with the digital transformation: from strategy and potential analysis to implementation

  • External perspective for accelerating the internal change process

  • Organisational preparation for future digitalisation initiatives

Health and accident insurance provider Visana wants to use the opportunities brought by the digital transformation to offer customers a better experience and to cut costs. Zühlke assists with the project as a partner – from consulting to implementation.

Redesigning processes for taking out insurance

As part of a broadly designed digitalisation campaign, Visana wants to redesign its processes for taking out insurance. The aim is to make these more digital and efficient while ensuring they work across different channels without media discontinuity: from internal sales and partner sales to online sales. Zühlke supports Visana with this design and assists with its implementation.

More about the Project in the Video:

"Our digital application portal has become significantly faster and the quality of our consulting has improved"

Starting with a clear vision

The first step is to develop an ambitious vision and a rough roadmap for implementation. The vision and roadmap have to be firmly anchored in the organisation to ensure that the challenging and lengthy project can be executed successfully. A dedicated team contributing a range of different skills (core system, frontend, integration and more) is put together for the implementation. Zühlke provides support with architecture, UX, frontend development and integration work, with collaboration taking place in an agile set-up. To achieve consistency in the process, the core system is directly integrated. Specialisations are integrated through third-party interfaces and tools, such as for the risk assessment. The architecture continues to evolve in an agile manner under consideration of the original vision. With regular releases, the scope of functions and user group is gradually expanded.

Markus Mutti, Head of the Department for Products, Services and Systems, Visana
' We very much appreciated the excellent collaboration with the Zühlke team. We worked as a team to develop the digital application portal. '
Markus Mutti
Head of the Department for Products, Services and Systems, Visana

Change management as a key element

Along with playing a role in the development, Zühlke also closely assists with the introduction of the new processes, enabling a necessary change to take place within the organisation. Visana is also given the tools it needs to go ahead with further digitalisation initiatives on its own.

Contact person for Switzerland

Markus Reding

Managing Director Insurance Switzerland & Partner

Markus Reding leads the Market Unit Insurance at Zühlke in Switzerland. For more than 20 years he is responsible for innovation, strategy, product management, software engineering, and business development in various leadership positions and has practical experience from numerous digitisation projects. Meeting the challenges and market trends in the insurance industry with innovative solutions is what drives him.

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