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Blockchain technology and Web3 will have a fundamental impact on many sectors and business models. The change is already happening in financial services and the creator economy via digital assets in different forms. But we expect it to affect all verticals over the next decade.

Blockchain adoption was initially driven by start-ups, retail users, speculation and hype. It is now gradually expanding to more serious business use cases and wider adoption. Established corporates are now taking steps to understand and leverage this technology and build innovative products and services on top. They create innovation centers to catch-up with the latest development and tap into new territory.

Our Blockchain:Circle is dedicated to bring all these pioneers, leaders and decision-makers together – bridging the gap between successful start-ups, DAOs and innovating corporates.

Together with our members and speakers, we take a cross-sector, fact-based, and business-focused approach at understanding the current capabilities of blockchain technology.

And – even more important – its limitations and road blockers. We are learning from real-life practitioners who can tell from their deep practical experience in several dimensions like business, technology, regulation, and impact on society.
Our virtual and on-site sessions provide deep insights and stimulating discussions with a special focus on financial use cases, decentralized identities and new approaches to manage and prove ownership and provenance.

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Knowledge transfer

Deepen your understanding of the technology, its underlying concepts and business value – illustrated by sector and implementation experts in at least 4 events per year (virtual or on-site).

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Real-life experience

Get inspired by first-hand insights from early adopters into exciting real-life use cases and their implementation in the business world.

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Exclusive network

Connect with leading cross-sector experts and proven specialists from start-ups to corporate and academia.

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Cross-sector exchange

Learn and exchange best practices with liked-minded decision-makers from successful companies in various industries.

picture of Bernhard Schweizer
' With its carefully selected participants, well-crafted agenda and great speakers the Blockchain:Circle is an excellent opportunity to connect with top players in the field. It's a high-quality experience that brings fresh insights to our daily work. '
Bernhard Schweizer
Vice President Product Management for Innovations, Midmarket and Ecosystem Success at SAP

Past Events

4th June 2024
Zühlke Banking Talk: Institutional DeFi

9th November 2023
Digital money and payment innovations
B2B cross-border and instant payments enabled by Stablecoins and CBDCs

4th May 2023
NFTs & Loyalty Programmes
How tokens unleash customer loyalty

23rd March 2023
Tokenized financial instruments as a new source of capital
Location advantage Europe

February 2023
Regenerative Finance (ReFi)
The technology behind it and its future possibilities

December 2022
Blockchain for corporate treasuries
How blockchain can help to improve a company’s financial stability or improve the financial planning & steering

October 2022 (Onsite event)
Blockchain platforms now and in the future
A concentrated overview of the current complex blockchain landscape & an outlook on the future ecosystem

August 2022
Decentralised infrastructures
The different perspectives of decentralisation & a characterisation of the current landscape of decentralised infrastructure

June 2022
Blockchain & Sustainability
How blockchain helps to improve sustainability tracking & achieve industrial process efficiencies

May 2022
What is tokenization and relevant use cases in different industries

April 2022
Genesis event

Picture of Maximilian Baum
' I thoroughly enjoyed sharing and exchanging ideas around the impact of DLT on cross-border payments at the Blockchain:Circle organized by Zühlke. The event brought together experts approaching the topic from different angles and allowed an atmosphere for discussing current problems and potential collaborations beyond the normal daily work. This in combination with an exclusive network invited by Zühlke made the event exceptional. '
Maximilian Baum
Product Manager for Blockchain Solutions and Digital Currencies at Deutsche Bank
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Picture of Daniel Nagy
' It was very enriching to meet a diverse set of experts from various industries besides payments and technology. I sincerely appreciate that G+D's digital currency network could be further extended and new collaboration opportunities can be explored in 2024. '
Daniel Nagy
Business Analyst CBDC​ at Giesecke & Devrient

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