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Blockchain technology and Web3 will have a fundamental impact on many industries and business models. The change is already happening and its adoption in the business world is accelerating. In the coming years we will clearly see a more widespread penetration. To benefit early on and gain a competitive advantage, organisations need to start experimenting and learn how to best leverage the potential of blockchain technology.

The Blockchain:Circle is the trusted cross-industry network of innovation leaders and decision-makers. Together with our members and speakers, we take a fact-based, business-focused approach at understanding the current capabilities of blockchain technology, outlining its true potential and learning from real-life practitioners who can tell from their deep experience in using blockchain.

Your member benefits in a nutshell

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Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer

In a minimum of 4 virtual and on-site events per year, you will deepen your understanding of the technology, its underlying concepts, and its business value with industry and implementation experts.

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Real-life experience

Real-life experience

Get inspired by first-hand insights from early adopters into exciting real-life use cases and their implementation in the business world.

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Exclusive network

Exclusive network

Connect with leading cross-sector experts and proven specialists from start-ups to corporate and academia.

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Cross-sector exchange

Cross-sector exchange

Learn and exchange best practices with liked-minded decision-makers from successful companies in various industries.

Bild Tom Fuerstner
' Blockchain:Circle events are remarkable because of the depth of the questions raised, professional discussions and the pioneering approach of all participants. '
Tom Fuerstner

Past Events

4th May 2023
NFTs & Loyalty Programmes
How tokens unleash customer loyalty

23rd March 2023
Tokenized financial instruments as a new source of capital
Location advantage Europe

February 2023
Regenerative Finance (ReFi)
The technology behind it and its future possibilities

December 2022
Blockchain for corporate treasuries
How blockchain can help to improve a company’s financial stability or improve the financial planning & steering

October 2022 (Onsite event)
Blockchain platforms now and in the future
A concentrated overview of the current complex blockchain landscape & an outlook on the future ecosystems

August 2022
Decentralised infrastructures
The different perspectives of decentralisation & a characterisation of the current landscape of decentralised infrastructure

June 2022
Blockchain & Sustainability
How blockchain helps to improve sustainability tracking & achieve industrial process efficiencies

May 2022
What is tokenization and relevant use cases in different industries

April 2022
Genesis event

Florian Kittelmann
' Our Blockchain:Circle Membership enables Alstom to test innovative ideas in a trusted cross-industry environment. Networking and knowledge sharing are key to drive future developments. '
Florian Kittelmann
Global Head of Mobility Orchestration and Data Innovation, Alstom
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Partners of the Blockchain:Circle

Together with our partners RIDDLE&CODEFrankfurt School Blockchain Center and the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute we’ve already started combining a variety of skills and perspectives in the Blockchain:Circle.

Kai Hackbarth, Bosch Global
' Taking the time for the Blockchain:Circle guarantees discussing at eye level with decision-makers from across industries who, like us, are already working on implementing this kind of technology. '
Kai Hackbarth
Senior Technology Evangelist IoT and Connected Products, Bosch Global

How can I sign up for a Blockchain:Circle membership?

Become a member of the network for the tangible application of blockchain technology and help your company prepare for the technological changes ahead, faster and more successfully. As a member, you get exclusive access to all events. The network is designed to cover a range of industries and focuses on complementary innovators seeking to tap into this market for themselves at an early stage.

The membership fee is EUR 5,000 a year (plus VAT) for up to three persons per company. Participation will automatically renew for another year unless membership is terminated with a period of notice of four weeks to the end of the contract. You can terminate your membership by sending an email to 

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